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I just found out about this Doll COCO Pre-Opening today, and I ran demo the dolls & doll clothes that will be for sale soon!

This Rigged Mesh doll avatar is interesting and the face is quite cute. I am not a huge fan of the body though, the neck seems rather long and some of the limbs are too long. I hope different body types will be offered!

If you want to demo, visit Doll COCO!

More info available at the COCO Designs website.

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  1. This is freaky but kinda cool at the same time. Way less creepy then the bloom dolls. These kind of remind me of Anna Blue (she’s a digital singer). I’m really impressed with the detail, the face is breath taking.

    • Yup, tried a demo. I’m in love. The detail is drool worthy. It must have taken them forever to get this so perfect. I hope she considers releasing the the mesh clothing for regular avatars. They’d sell like hot cakes because they are just that amazing XD.

  2. The face is very cute, I would love to have a skin with this face. I mean not on a doll but for a normal avie.

  3. I love the body, I think she captured the look of BJDs really well. The only thing I don’t like about them is the HORRIFYING VAGINA. It’s a doll, it doesn’t need lady parts.

    • Yep, the hairy vg is “impossibile to see!” in a BJdoll…is the only crap in the product..the rest is Beautifully 🙂 and superb!

    • I own several BJDs in RL- and they’re anatomically correct. She’s just replicating the real thing.

    • WOW! These dolls are so cute… I always dreammed of a Barbie collection, but these dolls are amazing *O*

      and it’s a shame this sl creator doesn’t credit his “inspiration” =S Marina had all the hard work to create such an unique and creative work, that, if it wasn’t made by her, many people here would never have met it in SL =/

  4. Dolls there are exactly the same as “Enchanted Doll”…
    All the textures and shapes…are copied from Marina Bychkova’s concepts

    Is this legal??

  5. I love Marina Bychkova’s artworks very much, but it doesn’t mean that I’ll be happy to see somebody else copying and using Bychkova’s ideas and handmade materials to make one’s own money in SL.

    The worse thing is this SL creator doesn’t even mention his/her product actually comes from Marina Bychkova.
    People will find this, just as Lara and I do.

  6. I am also offended that this was stolen from Marina Bychkova who has spent her life making exquisite dolls. It has taken her years to develop that unique jointing and style. Don’t just steal her aesthetic and claim it as your own.

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