Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? BOOM will be giving away a pair of these Awareness Panties (tomorrow), so be sure to come by and grab a pair.


Adorable Pink Ribbon print <3


I grabbed my friend Pumpkin for some quick impromptu photos, and she was just the perfect SL model (and put up with my bossy ways!). Thanks Pumpkin!!

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  1. very cute panties.

    i have a lot of lingerie in my inventory and never really wear the it. does that mean i’m going commando in second life?

    gogo, you should do a poll on whether or not people wear a bra and panty set under their clothes, lol. i have always wondered that.

    • sorry typo. ‘never really wear them’ or ‘never really wear it’ whatever is proper.

  2. As the niece of a breast cancer survivor, as the close-family-friend/goddaughter of a breast cancer survivor, as the friend of two breast cancer survivors… I gotta say, I’m so sick of breast cancer awareness/charity stuffs!!!

    Its given too much charity time and attention, I think, and has become a bit ‘blah’…

    Ace pics, though, lol

  3. Juicy,you look amazing in this picture. But most of all i like your hair. Can you tell me what hair did you use in this picture?

    • hi Vyoara! It’s Lelutka hair.

      Also, if you scroll back on my blog posts, I’ve worn this hair probably 5x in the last 2 weeks 🙂

      I always wondered if some people didn’t know that my blog has archives? There are more posts if you scroll down, and click on the PREVIOUS ENTRIES link, it should take you back 20 more posts.

  4. What type of skin is Pumpkin in that breast cancer awareness pic? please send a lm. 🙂

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