It’s a squirrel

Severed Garden

Why yes, that is a squirrel on my head.

With Halloween fast approaching, I found myself a cute lil’ costume to wear. This Akis outfit from Severed Garden includes everything you’ll need to be a cute nature girl — including the squirrel eating a nut and native face tattoo!

Severed Garden

The Akis outfit includes Scarf, Thong, Tiara, Legband, Squirrel, Socks, Camisk, Gloves, and matching Fringe Ankle Boots. What a great lil’ outfit, the native tattoo is an adorable touch.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure/nolash (ltbrown)
L.Fauna – Rouged Knees (Tan)
Truth – Trixie (Swedish)
Severed Garden – Akis (Brown)

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  1. Hey 😛 i have a question, what is this skin’s name ? cause it’s soo lovely that i wunna buy it XP :o3

      • aah thank you, i dint notice that you said wich skin it was in the post 😀 ty again, btw i love the way you dress your av :o3

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