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CheerNo - Felicia

CheerNo has just released the Felicia skin and I really like it. This skin has 5 makeups (plus base) and 14 lipsticks on the tattoo layer. I’m wearing the Light tone with Light Brows, but it also comes with Black and Red Brows. I think the Black brows is too saturated/too much, but someone who loves a lot super dark brows might like it! The lips could be smoother, cos I don’t really wear skins that have lips with prominent “lines” in the texture like this, but I will probably cover up the base lips with other lipstick tattoos anyway.

CheerNo - Felicia

This is the 5 makeups with some of the lipstick tattoos. They’re really great eye-makeups!

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What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Caramina (Stefani)
Donna Flora – Amalia Jewelry Set
Beetlebones – Shushu Frill Mesh Party Dress (Mojito)

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  1. Love the lips and eyes , but i have to say the nose makes my face fold in 4 , really don’t like those 2 white spots on the tip . If he/she gets a smooth nose version out i will jump on them .

  2. I like the skin, except the lips, they are far too lined for my taste. Does this skin work well with Pink Fuel’s lipstick tattoos?

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