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Going Places

Going Places

Hello from around SL! Searching for a proper inside-of-an airplane in SL is impossible, so I settled on two airport locations to use as backdrops for my stewardess look.

Going Places

I’ve chosen SLPG Prague Airport as my first location, and created an outfit based on the colors here. I’m wearing the new Oxford Pencil Skirt from Mon Tissu in Black, and pairing it with the Gill Blouse in White from VictoriaV. I really like this blouse, the texture is amazing and goes perfectly with this skirt. I wish there was an all White version of this top (without the black collar) so I can wear it with the skirts in other colors too (hint hint to VictoriaV).

Going Places

I’ve been dying to re-create the Pan Am stewardess look, so of course I had to wear the Airline Blue colored skirt! Yumix Airport has gorgeous vintage airplanes rezzed there, so it was perfect for this look. I searched around my inventory for a proper White blouse, and found a sort-of military/stewardess looking shirt from the 4Minute outfit by Sweetest Goodbye (now closed). I have a few other White Blouses that I could have worn with this skirt, but they showed too much cleavage and didn’t look right for the Pan Am stewardess look.

Going Places

Also I have to mention this really important (and exciting) thing about the new Oxford Pencil Skirt! This skirt is a rigged mesh skirt, but it does not require you to change your shape to wear it. It should fit almost everyone with no adjustments cos the “skirt” is actually only partially mesh — as you can see, some of the skirt is made up of texture pants, and the mesh area is only visible between the legs, but it blends so flawlessly!!! I did a picture to show you guys how this all works, but definitely try a demo at the store. This is like… a very advanced crotch prim 2.0 😛

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Brit (Swedish)
VictoriaV – Gill Blouse (White)
Mon Tissu – Oxford Pencil Skirt (Black)
G-Field – Eve Pumps (Black)
Edelweiss – School Bag (Classic)
Fishy Strawberry – Soignee Black tights
Truth – Carina (Swedish)
Sweetest Goodbye – 4Minute Shirt (White)
Mon Tissu – Oxford Pencil Skirt (Airline Blue)
Nardcotix – Edna Platform Pump (Blue)

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  1. Xaqueline

    aha! i was wondering how that skirt fit your… um… well, your bum so well ^^ looks amazing, definitely a must have.

  2. Sassy

    OMG! I actually bought this shirt yesterday and spent most of the night buying different skirts to try and find one that didn’t give me a massive butt or hips! Thank you thank you thank you! Sooo going to buy this skirt immediately! I think VictoriaV has changed her store name now, atleast, when you search her on the marketplace another store comes up saying it’s (formally VictoriaV fashion). It sells exactly the same stuff most of the time… Although it all looked better in the original store 🙁

    • Gogo

      I bought this shirt yesterday, too! I searched for “white blouse” on marketplace and found it 🙂

  3. Anahata

    the skirt is a brilliant idea and i hope more designers take notice of tweaking things like this.

  4. Cherry

    ohh that is really smart thinking with the skirt, i have to shop some mon tissu

  5. Eurydice Barzane

    Wow. I’m buying a fatpack of those skirts.

  6. Hito

    Brilliant idea with the mesh crotch prim!!!! hahaha Now if only designers could update their skirt prims! [shoe designers updated their shoes to alpha/V2] c(:

  7. Inuoko

    Wow! I was realllyyyy hoping a content creator would try this! Love it! It’s like a dream come true! <3

  8. Kira Zobel

    As a RL flight attendant, I wish our uniforms could be so cute!
    It’s time to do some SL shopping! 😀

  9. Jinger

    HOw do you get your butt to look like that without it looking like it is a mile wide? and is that like a plain old system skirt (first pic)? Please share your secret 😛

    • Gogo

      hi Jinger! This is not a system skirt. It is pants + mesh prim made to look like a fitted skirt.

      But I will share with you the system skirt tip, if you don’t already know it – Most people just make their butt size & hip width smaller, when wearing a system skirt so it is not “a mile wide”.

  10. Skye

    Lol, how funny is it that I had just been looking for inside an airplane for a photoshoot. Ha! It is totally impossible. What’s the deal with that lol.

  11. Tracy Redangel

    I went and bought the Oxford skirt in black…now I need it in every color!
    I hope more clothing creators follow the same idea with only partial mesh. The skirt looks absolutely flawless! When you walk, dance, and move it looks natural.

  12. ariadenise Bellic

    Why blog that shirt :((( i was sad to realize Sweetest Goodbye is gone completly now 🙁

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