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Hello, this is my AO

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  1. Claudia Woodsheart

    Very nice! Where is it from?
    Much love

  2. Alliz

    This song is from The One republic? *-*

    • Gogo

      Yep, it’s the instrumentals

  3. Alliz

    This music is beautiful ! *w*

  4. kafka

    please tell me this AO shop.

  5. Gina

    Kafka, I get a feeling Gogo doesn’t want to share the whereabouts of the AO store, she likley had it customized for her or would rather not share with others. Which is her prerogative I suppose.

    • Gogo

      I assembled it using poses purchased from various brands in SL 🙂

      I’ve never had anything customized except for a pair of eyes. 😛

  6. kafka

    i know gogo use animation various brands.
    i want to know shop names that i can search.
    because i dont know good animation shop.

    • Gogo

      Sweet Lovely Cute (manmoth nishi), Kuso (Daiz Papp), 5ifth Animation (Jonny Dusk), and bunches more i don’t use frequently. but those are my top 3 for AO poses

      • kafka

        thank you so so so much !!! :)))
        i ll go to there shop!!

  7. bee hazelnut

    what screen recorder do u use dat u get 1080p

    • Gogo

      I use FRAPS and film it @ the lowest setting, something like 30FPS

  8. ariadenise Bellic

    wheres that blond hair from??? can you IM meh inworld pleae ariadenise Bellic thank you

    • Gogo


  9. Hilly

    I love your shape!

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