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Leverocci is a new-to-me brand that recently caught my attention with the release of their latest mesh Pacaii Pumps. I went to their main store to check it out, and noticed that there’s already a small collection of shoes, hair, and clothing for sale, along with a section for Beauty (skins?) that has yet to be filled.


As you can see the display and presentation is nice, it even has an “Armidi” feel to it. I inspected a couple of the prims (display rack, lights) and some prims are made by former Armidi alts. At first I thought perhaps they could be Armidi alts, but after I demoed some products and looked around at the ads and display, I didn’t think this was the work of former Armidi designers cos it doesn’t have the same “look”. I asked Jin Elfan (Leverocci designer) why some prims in her shop belong to Armidi alts and why her land is on Barcola, and she said they’re just friends. I normally don’t believe it when people say this, but I believe her, cos the style just isn’t the same as Armidi style.


These mesh Paccai Pumps from Leverocci are pretty but I found them a lil’ difficult to fit. It took a bit of patience with re-sizing and moving the shoe around until the alpha was no longer visible. The HUD is easy to use, very intuitive but there’s an extra click to ‘to apply the tint’ that made the tinting process so much longer. Unlike other shoe HUDs that shows changes immediately when you click around the color picker, this HUD requires you to click “appy” before any change is made. The extra click is kind of a pain, but I managed to get a decent match 🙂


I purchased the Seam Detail Mini Dress (in Silver) from Leverocci to match the shoes, and I was kind of disappointed that it came with a prim crotch. The display rack showed a dress with flawless (no) seams, but when this dress is worn, the prim texture & the dress texture did not line up very well at all for me. It may work better on someone thinner or smaller (not sure).


I didn’t buy any hair, but I demo’d some and they looked alright. There wasn’t a nice a Platinum Blonde hair color, so I passed on it. Leverocci is a brand to watch, cos they’ve shown that they’re able to create a range of products and hopefully, it will get better with more releases. Right now I feel that their shoes may be their best product, the rest of the things (clothes, hair) are just alright, until they update their textures and work on incorporating more mesh sculpts into the clothing.

Visit Leverocci

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Drucilla (Wedge)
Tuli – Zoe (Pale) Lips (Rosebud)
Tuli – Zoe (Pale) Light Brown Brows
Leverocci – Seam Detail Mini Dress (Silver)
Leverocci – Pacaii Pumps (Koti)

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  1. Arica

    I think the only negative thing I can find about the shoes from just looking at the is the BIG big toe. Toes tend to be a little more flat, no? 😮

  2. ShyBird

    Wow!! I’m running off to get these shoes right now ^_^

  3. Eurydice Barzane

    Maybe it was just a dream, but I thought mesh meant the demise of fugly crotch prims. I don’t buy anything with them as it is – I’d rather wear a sculpt or adjust my shape and rock a system skirt. However if I bought a dress that looked as seamless/flawless as these appear on the vendors, then found I had to adjust an obvious crotch prim, I’d be mightily peeved.
    You’re more zen than me, Gogo.

    • Margoshka

      You do realize that the dress isn’t mesh?

      • Gogo

        You do realize that I did write, that I was disappointed the dress has a prim crotch? cos I can tell the difference between a texture mini-dress w/ a prim crotch vs. a fully mesh dress…. thanks

        • Margoshka

          you do realize i wasn’t talking to you? i was talking to the commenter. cow.

          • Gogo

            wow, no need to be rude, LOL!!!!

  4. Anahata

    isn’t it strange, almost every store i’ve ever been to show’s a flawless picture of their dress/skirt when having a “crotch prim”. like the fashion robot i am, i have come to expect the dreaded prim and am used to adjusting it under the right windlight settings (without complaint) to get it to look flawless.

    then i proceed to walk around with my inner thigh showing (and probably a whole lot more mismatched ugly, to people who don’t have the perfect windlight settings)

    i don’t really like those sweaters. they just look like one layer with no cuff prims or anything, unless of course the pictures are blended in too so you can’t see the prims.

    • Maya Engineer

      Prim crotches never look good in world, in photos they can be fine. This one was a bit small for Gogo’s shape, it needs to be pulled bigger. They never ever fit me without size editing. I rarely purchace them but I pick up free ones sometimes or good deals, the dressing room and things like that. They always look good on the vendor because it is possible with the right angle and light even without photoshop. But I just know in most situations it won’t look right so I avoid.

  5. Kiria Travesty

    I hate the prims but your clothes are gorgeous

  6. Tatum Lisle

    I checked this brand a while back and was very disappointed when I just could not get the shoes I bought to fit well and move well with my ao no matter what I tried. I ended up trashing them and I’m not in any hurry to revisit Leverocci, especially if I can’t trust the vendor pics

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