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Mamboo Chic

Mamboo Chic

Mamboo Chic is a new-to-me brand that has quite a large collection of skins. I haven’t done many skin reviews this year, and it’s been awhile since my last review (since August), so I thought I would share with you guys the newest skin from Mamboo Chic. This Shapira skin has a sweet lil’ face and comes with tattoo makeup and tattoo lipsticks. I love tattoo makeup, and I think every skin brand in SL should have ’em.

Mamboo Chic

The Shapira skin is available in 5 skin tones, 8 lipstick (tattoos) and 15 make up (tattoos) layers. I have mixed-and-matched a couple of the tattoos to create different makeup looks above.

This skin has an attractive face & the options available are just enough to create many different looks. Of course there’s room for improvements, but from my interaction with this designer, I think she’s very willing to accept feedback and make improvements for future releases. I would love to see more brows (tattoos) offered with future releases, as well as some more upgrades on the body.

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What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Aroha (Roots) Pecan
BettiePage – Bottan Shirts (Pink)

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  1. Kaelyn

    Thank you! Leona is amazing! She’s always trying to improve her skins! This on really Looks pretty on you!

  2. Anahata

    i was able to pick up a couple of free skins from the lucky boards at the old location, a new one at the new loction, as well as joining the group for 300L and getting two free skins there.

    i really like how the skin looks on my face. and yeah, there could be some improvement on the skin tone and some of the shadows (under the butt cheek it was a bit dark, and on some of the skins then neck looked a bit like i had an old slashing scar across it) i am not sure if that why these skins were given away or if these issues exist on the bought skins. all in all i was really happy though with how pretty they made me.

  3. Pumpkin saenz

    Pretty! I need to check these skins out!

  4. Delilas

    I like the skins overall, but half the demos aren’t set to be buyable, and my favorite demo, Saskia, has no skins out for purchase?

  5. Paris

    I love her skins…I wish that they came in darker tones, though. And I think that the makeup for the darkest tones should be altered a bit to fit the skins (i.e. some of the pink lipstick looks amazing on the pale tones but too bright on the darkest one). Overall though, very pretty.

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