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Ploom – Kendal (includes color-changing hair flower & mouth flower attachment)

I’m in a floral mood today so I decided to wear this hair from Ploom that I’ve had in my inventory for months now! I meant to wear/blog it eventually, so I haven’t filed it away. Years ago, I was a pretty big fan of Helyanwe Vindaloo’s old brand, Deviant Kitties. I remember going with my friend to one of the sales and getting a bunch of hair packs for super cheap.

Ploom (Hely’s new brand) has a bunch of cute styles, but I’ve always felt the textures were a bit flat and the prims somewhat chunky….? And I have to admit, there is another slightly more shallow reason for not wearing any Ploom hair on my blog, prior to today. I simply didn’t like that the hair model wore too many piercings (even though I like some piercings), it was just too busy for me and I felt like I had to wear that look to wear the hair. It’s not a good reason at all to not wear something, but I guess how we perceive the vendor model is as important as the product itself.


I’m a sucker for mouth attachments, and florals, so I just love this Kendal style. Everyone should get it!

I’m pairing this sweet hairstyle with the newest release from Tres Blah, a Vintage Slip in Taupe color (available at Collabor88). Nardcotix has finally released the Edna Pumps in more colors, so I’m wearing the Nude color, and it matches the slip perfectly.

What I’m Wearing:

Ploom – Kendal (Ploomage)
Tres Blah – Vintage Slip (Taupe)
Donna Flora – GABRIELLA necklace
Nardcotix – Edna Pumps (Nude)

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  1. leilani

    I also loved the DK brand and wore it for years. I don’t mind the piercings because it still keeps that old DK brand feel with her updated hairstyles. Most hair ads have that polished up clean look and I like that Ploom has it’s own uniqueness to it (old DK fans can still relate to it while drawing in new audiences). I don’t usually let ads dictate how I wear stuff.

  2. Tori

    I really agree on the ad thing. Sometimes I’ll see an ad of something and be too distracted by the ugly/over done model to play attention to the clothes. Then I’ll see a blogger I like wearing it and be ohh whats that? Then later realize it was the same outfit but on a cleaner and personally more attractive model the clothes looked better. I’m not really a fan of piercings anymore, one or two are ok if they are done right but the way some people have them is really eh IMO. I think you should keep ads “boring”. Boring as in clean, you know what your buying with virtually almost one look and it’s not over done to the point of distraction or you think your buying this really cute top then end up with a shirt your going to toss cuz the ad is photoshopped or confusing. I personally take off anything distracting when I do ad pics. Such as if it’s a face tattoo I’ll take off my glasses or lipstick etc. Seems like common sense but I’ve seen many unclear and hair covering a lot of the face/eyes with glasses and or piercings. It makes it really hard to see what your buying. This usually happens at events where there is no demo for the product.

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