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Exile – Caramina | Sherilyn

Exile has just released two new hairstyles! There’s also a mesh hair group gift (not shown) so if you’re dying to try some mesh hairstyles, check that out! 🙂 I love these hairstyles, they’re so casual, a lil’ messy, and totally girly.


I’m wearing the new Suspenders (on Jacket layer) from RezIpsa Loc. I think these suspenders are so adorable, and I was really excited about them when I saw them!

RezIpsa Loc

However, I did notice some texture bleeding on the arm, eeeek! This is an easy fix though, so I hope it is fixed cos it’s noticeable in some poses where the arms are lifted.

What I’m Wearing:

BOOM – My Milkshake Tied Tank (Sunshine)
RezIpsa Loc – Suspenders (Raven Black)
Fishy Strawberry – Billy Denim Shorts (Garage)
KBoots – Engineer/Biker Boots (Black)
LaGyo – Mira Shoulder Bag (Pompei)

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  1. Nissa Nightfire

    I’ve actually noticed this problem in a lot of work by really good designers…this kind of stray mark .. I suspect they are far more noticeable on really fair skin (like yours and mine!) — and I’d really urge designers to make sure they are checking their clothes on both really light and really dark skins … because as you say — that one is a very easy fix, and probably just an oversight~

  2. Coro

    You can prolly do a quick fix on it yourself if it’s mod. Make the sleeves shorter in appearance.I know this is not an excuse for the designer and they should fix but meanwhile you can still wear the suspenders and see not marks.

    • Gogo

      This is SUCH a god tip!

    • Adonila Weiss

      Yes good tip. Too bad almost all clothing layers are no mod. As if that is any protection against a ripper. sigh.

  3. Danielle Mannequin

    Hey Gogo, how are you getting the windlight settings on the new viewer?! It completley confuses me. I guessed my way through it and stil was dark. Any help?

  4. Rezzie

    Ohhh! Good catch! I totally hadn’t noticed that! I’m putting them in the main store this weekend, so I’ll be sure to fix up the layers before then. ;D

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