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To write or not to write

I’ve noticed that so many “bloggers” are not writing anything to accompany their blog posts lately. Most bloggers just post an image or two and then the credits. I think that unless your pictures are so amazing (most aren’t), there should be some accompanying text to let the readers know what they’re looking at, and describe it a lil’ or just tell us why you like it!

Why are people not writing anymore? As a blog reader, what do YOU prefer?

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  1. Jinger

    ONe thing I wish most bloggers would do is tell me what sim they are in as I am an explorer and love to go look at diff sims and there are some very unique sims they pose in 🙂 I think you should do more SCENERY pics as to what your wearing but you do an awesome job and I look forward every morning to see what is new here 🙂

  2. Alexxandra Sorbet

    I try to write something in my posts every now and then, but sometimes I’m just too tired. XD

  3. Serene Fairey

    I don’t think its necessary to write more if all you’re doing is saying how cute something is (the reader can see that for themselves), but I appreciate information about the product that doesn’t show in the photos. Tell me if it changes textures, if if you modified it, if the sculpted attachments are not modifiable, if they are for sale at a fabulous bargain, etc.

  4. Ivy

    To write or not to write is the question.

    Look, alot of bloggers I’ve come across DO write something, but the problem is WHAT they’re writing. Most are having the same styling writing “Isn’t this just fab? Oh, look at these great pair of blahblah” and “this is soo gorgeous I just had to get one!”

    They sound like they’re dying of adoration to whatever they display and it is plain boring. It tells me NOTHING! (because it seems like you’re faking your views as well)

    I prefer “text silence” then.

    But generally – sure, write something funny, relevant or thoughts about the items or whatever.

    • Adonila Weiss

      I agree with this. I get sick of reading the same “Oh I LOVE this new…” over and over again by certain bloggers, especially when the item doesn’t look that good and it seems to be for advertisement reasons. It’s okay to write that if you really love it and if you have other things to say, but otherwise I prefer nothing.

      I don’t mind a photos only blog as long as there are credits listed under. Clothing, poses and location with surls are most appreciated.

      For writing I love reading reviews or little styling tips. If there are extra features to be pointed out if an item is out for a limited time that is good to know also.

  5. Dojiba

    I wish bloggers would tell the location where the pic was taken and if it’s in front or inside of a house, would give credit to that builder. I hate chasing down bloggers to ask where a certain house is from.

    Hi, my name is Doji and I’m a house-a-holic.

  6. Dais Viertz

    I think blog posts should include a “blog” about the subject. If you don’t want to “blog” and just post pictures with a few credits or whatever (like me) just use flickr.

  7. selenelily

    Its helpful to have more information than just the gist of what we are looking at. Its nice also if they blog about everything in the photo. I’ve found many who talk about hair and shoes and clothes and leave out, makeup, eyelashes, accessories…its nice to even know where the shot was taken and taxi’s are always a fave

  8. Jessie Miharu

    I love reading your posts. Most other bloggers who write are so boring, and like you said, most have poor quality photos. You’ve got both personality and high-quality photography. I just love your cheeky attitude, keep up the great work.

    • Carol

      Ok, must bloggers can have “poor quality photos”, but let’s remember that not anybody has such a good computer as Gogo, so, I think it’s being very ignorant to point someone and say that she has bad quality pics, bad quality shadows… ok, most are very noob (i think pixelated photos can be easily adjust with higher resolution shots and liquify filter to correct some parts of the ugly sl body)… but most of them also don’t have a “monster” computer (which is not cheap) to take wonderful sl photos…

  9. dawnde lane

    i am one of the Zero text bloggers, i seem to have 0 ability in writing something, someone would want to read.

    i guess if someone could give me a writing course on how to put my self across in words i would make good use it 🙂

    one thing i didnt do was add a LM of where i had taken pictures or the poses used, i will try to do this in the future. not that anyone reads my blogg ! woah is me all that panash

  10. Lourdes

    In this situation its hard to make everyone happy. I think the blogger should so it the way that is most comfortable for them They shouldn’t feel pressure that they should write. I’m in the camp of let the pics do the talking. If you want to put basic info about the items fine.

    It seems creators like bloggers who “market” their items. I know some bloggers that can write up a pair of 2006 freebie shoes with bling and make it sounds like the latest by Maitreya or Lelutka. However, the pictures will always tell something closer to the truth.

  11. Isabella Lazarno

    If everyone gave as much helpful information as you do, wonderful, but if they have nothing helpful to add to the pictures then I’d rather they just post information about the look. Of course, pictures with just information about a look could suffice with just a flickr account. I also wish that people would get into the habit of crediting the locations of photo shoots as many people that love to explore might enjoy checking out the locations as well =-) Just my random thoughts!

  12. Abigail

    Me personally i like too see a little bit of writing describing the items, your thoughts any extra’s we might be interested in knowing and other tibits like that. Oh one thing i’d love too see is more blogs with prices next too them, i know alot of places like Truth for example we all know the prices but i’m a bit of a cheapskate and sometimes i get a little disappointed when i see a item i really wanted that’s gonna cost me 500L$

    I’d personally write my own blog but i have little too no writing abilty when it comes too describing things lol.

  13. Janelle

    In all honesty, I look at the pictures first before reading what’s written, probably because most bloggers either don’t have good grammar, or they ramble on and on about how amazing the product is without touching on any of the flaws. I’ve gotten past the point of reading fashion blogs because the ones that DO write interesting comments in the post tend to ramble for 2-3 paragraphs. I chose the option that I like bloggers to write, but I believe it should be in moderation, not a full-blown analysis.

  14. Pumpkin Saenz

    I like *reading* blogs. I like to read their musings, even if it’s about what happened to them on their way to the grocery store. Just funny little anecdotes (rl/sl) that might not even necessarily tie in to what they’re blogging about.

    Example: “I was shopping for a new ball gag for that little S&M hobby of mine and I accidentally TP’d to *G Field* and saw they were having a sale, so I bought three pairs of shoes that I had been salivating over for the past few months”. Or something. Shoot, make stuff up. We’ll never know 🙂

  15. leilani

    What draws me into a fashion blog are the photos and clothing.
    I follow a lot of fashion blogs and I don’t usually “read” the accompanying text apart from skimming to find out where the items are from. Too many blogs go overboard and write paragraphs upon paragraphs and I find myself visiting those less and less…or I’ll check for photos and credits. IMO, wordy fashion blogs are a turn off (and most people really aren’t that interesting, that I’ll care to read about)

    Aesthetically, how the text is presented definitely matters: the font size, font style and background color.

    In respect to this blog, I have been an avid reader of juicybomb since 2007/2008 and I think the balance of pretty pics with words and opinions, are just right for me.

  16. Lee

    Every blogger has their own style, if you are posting a *look* of the day why would you need anything but the pictures and the items used list. What i dont understand is when a blogger lists only SOME of the things they are wearing.

    • Lisanna


      I make sure to write down everything including the color of the item I’m wearing (so important when it comes to skin, hair and eyes, among other things)! I also write down the sim where the picture is taken; gotta love a nice background.

  17. Chalice Carling

    I’m so glad you brought this up Gogo because I’m going to read the responses and see if I can make some improvements.

    When I read the posts about bloggers waxing lyrical about the products I must admit I winced a little because I think I fall into this category a bit, if not a lot. That’s because I only blog things I buy and like or blog items that come my way from designers that I love. I’m not really a critique blog although I have made suggestions to designers before.

    I have come to realise though that with so many SL blogs focusing on fashion out there, I only hit the mark some of the time but that doesn’t stop me presenting my fashion taste (or lack thereof) through the feeds. It still gives me a kick to press ‘post’ and give a designer some appreciation for something that resonated with me. I reason there’s always the SCROLL option.

  18. Joycey Crescendo

    I admit, I am one of those people who enjoys reading text and not just a list. However, no matter how well you write, its the photos thats doing all the talking, so if your photos badly taken or your avvie or the clothes scares me into next year, I know thats one blog I won’t visit again xD

    But thank heavens that there are people among SL that have a good sense of style, ability to take photos and also be able to string a sentence together. 😀

  19. vianne bellic

    Talk, definitely! If I wanted to just peruse pics I’d stick to flickr browsing, I go to fashion blogs to see people’s opinions on items, read about their experiences with the creators or sims, etc.

  20. Aribeth Coronet

    I don’t think anyone can consider themselves a blogger without writing about what you blog about. Otherwise its more like a gallery than a blog, like your own personal Flickr but without referring people to Flickr, if that makes sense.

    Definition of ‘blog’: “A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links”

    When it comes to Second Life fashion blogging, I prefer to see a person’s thoughts and opinions on items rather than looking at a picture – which is why I find your blog not only a good source of information on SL items, but a good read too.

  21. Willow

    Honestly, I usually just scroll to the credits if I see something I like and I think a lot of other people do that too. I’m not too interested in what people think about every item of clothing they’re wearing. I do read review posts though, especially if its something expensive or something that’s had a lot of hype =)

    • Willow

      I should add that this is the only SL blog I read because it is oh so juicy 😉 Otherwise, like I said before I just look @ the pics and scroll to the credits!

      • leilani

        Same here: this is the only SL blog I actually “read” because I like the opinions and/or constructive criticism given along with everything else.

  22. Saskia

    As a new blogger I certainly dont think I would be able to resist typing more along with the images! I didn’t start blogging simply to post a few pretty pictures for people to look at, because, to be honest… any blogs I’ve been to that has a pretty picture and some credits I’ve simply crossed out. Blogging isnt about showing how amazing you look… it’s about showing off the talent of designers you love! And by just posting images… I don’t feel that you are doing them any justice at all.
    Nothing wrong with Fangasming over a super-awesome dress.

  23. fraülein von der Heide

    that depends… yours is the only SL fashion blog that I actually read because your text is usually about adding something to the pics, or giving a fair review based on your point of view, which I trust (you proved you have no fear in pointing the glitches spotted on an item). You are very good at this and you never go overboard.
    I have a blog and I asked myself the same question. Shall I write more? Shall I ask to the readers if I shall write more, or they just want to go straight to the LMs, as I do when I’m visiting other blogs? I try to make my blog very “visual”, not posting just shots of everything I bought but trying to create at least a “mood”, and I add text only if I feel there’s something important the reader may want to know before TPing to the shop.

  24. Lisanna

    I used to write a ton of text but since english isn’t my 1st language I decided to go back to the basic of pictures and credits. Plus, my (new) blog is mostly to remember which outfit I loved at the moment, so I do it mostly for me.

    This said, I think Aribeth is right : when you don’t write anything, it’s more a gallery than a blog. This is why I named mine “Photocabine” (french for photo booth)… cuz pictures are mostly what you get. 🙂

  25. Briony

    I love reading blogs (not just looking at pictures) and always accompany my pictures with at least some narrative. I almost always put a link to where the photo was taken because I like to explore also.

  26. Mari Plassitz

    I think bloggers should make the credits obvious like above the picture or below, so the readers can chose to read or just get the credits. When I’m not in the mood to read, it irritates me if I couldn’t find the credits and have to read the whole blog post anyway :p But if I find someone with a good taste, its cool to get to know their thoughts. Just like in RL, I get interested in someone, I’d want to know them better!

  27. Greta

    Those useless ramblings like ‘hai, sorry for not blogging but I had RL exams’ or ‘omg isn’t this top just cute’ make me a little stabbity to be honest. If you call it a fashion blog, blog fashion and keep the ramblings and musings for a personal blog.

    All I want is pretty pictures (and yes, pretty means don’t be afraid to remove those jagged edges or use a smudge tool), SLURLs and a taxi to the locations where the pictures where taken. Considering there are hundreds of blogs on the feeds, who has the time to read all stuff before finally getting to the one info you really need?

    For me personally, SL fashion blogs are like looking at RL fashion magazines. I guess we’d all be pretty irritated if suddenly models, photographers and makeup artists told us what they had for dinner…

  28. Noirran Marx

    My blog is a house blog and if I do write anything it’ll be about perms, what mods I made, and where to get the textures I used to mod, etc. Otherwise the pictures do the talking with credits and slurls off to the side. Most of the time I’m blogging dozens of items in the pictures from different creators and if I had to make a comment about each and every one I’d delete myself. For fashion blogs, I’ll take a slurl over a comment any day.

  29. Inuoko

    My blog is only a couple of days old, but thanks to this poll I finally decided to create it in the first place! Fashion while I run my mouth…Ha. And not just about sl stuff; some rl stuff too, or even other blogs. I think bloggers should talk more personally, and I plan to practice what I preach. And for those who don’t care to read it…well, like many sl fashion bloggers, I also list the items at the bottom of the post.

  30. Lila Tate

    I like to look at great visuals with creative styling. I like to read interesting, informed and well-written words. If a blog can give me both – that’s fantastic!

    Posting either pics or text just because you can or think you should makes little sense to me. I say, play to your strengths.

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