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Truth hair

Truth – Nola | Kendall | Nolene

Truth has 3 new hairstyles! If you don’t already know, Truth released some roots & hair base last week, for all hair colors. I’m a fan of roots if the style & color goes well together, but hair bases are just not for me!!! I’ve tried them a lil’ bit in the past (bun hairstyles) but I think my head shape is too odd to wear it with a hair attachment and also, most of them don’t have a natural shape (to complement the hairstyle).

Truth hair

Truth w/o hair base | with hair base

I’ve seen people wear this hairstyle with hair base, but to me, it looks fine (if not better) without.

Hair Bases

A few days ago, I wore a LeLutka hair base with one of the older bun attachments, and I noticed how much nicer it is than most hair bases out there.

Top Row: Truth | Exile | LeLutka (hair base tattoos that accompanies hairstyles)
Bottom Row: Redgrave | Laqroki | LeLutka (hair base tattoos that accompanies skins)

I’ve noticed that skin designers actually have more realistic looking hair bases than hair designers. I wish LeLutka had kept the hair base style that was released with the skins, cos it’s a lot more natural than the ones released for hair.

Do you wear hair base often? Who has your favorite hair base tattoo & does the color match perfectly with your favorite hair color?

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  1. Pumpkin Saenz

    I wear hair bases on often. I’ve found that my favorites are from Laqroki & they’re pretty versatile. They fit really well with several hair brands that I wear. I usually wear their red hair/brow base or the brown hair/brow base.

  2. Sydd Sinister

    I wear Amacci hair bases often, i really like then and there is a wide range of colors

  3. Lourdes

    I agree with you. I liked the Lelutka’s hair bases that came with the skins alot better. I also like Dutch Touch’s hair bases.

  4. Sedge Weyland

    I wear analog dog’s bases – the hair feathering on them is top notch.

    • Gogo

      Post a pictuuuuuure!!

      If you guys can, please post a link to the hair base(s) you like. I’m actually looking for great ones, as well.

  5. Alexxandra Sorbet

    I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with Truth’s hairbases.
    I had wished for Truth hairbases for a long time, and when he finally release them, they are not nearly as good as his hairs. It actually looks weird to me when wearing one of his hairbases with the hairs.

  6. Ashlee

    I use Analog Dog and Amacci … but how do you get the ones from Laqroki … Dutch Touch … and the others? It would be nice to compare.

    • Veronike D

      Agree, Analog Dog hairline gave gentle oval face, and “fits” most of hair colours brand, its modif for colour blended.

  7. Camryn Fouroux

    I never wear hairbases. I look ridiculous in all of them and I think my hair looks worse with them. I’ve never seen one used in a way that I liked.

  8. Ashlee

    I’ve also had good experiences with Ali & Ali Victoria bangs. I use them to cover front hairlines that are not feathered in well. You know, that ‘straight line’ look. The bangs help defeat it.

    Wow Camryn, I use bases all the time. They fill in any blank rezz spots. I’ve had good luck, and would be lost without them.

    • Sydd Sinister

      I agree i wear hairbases all the tie and can’t go with out them now

  9. Abigail

    I’ve only recently started wearing hair bases Truth being my first ever and i’ve only worn the hair base with Kendall and i liked it with the hair base on it suited my head shape.

    You may be right about head shapes and angles because when i wore the hair base from truth with Kendall it looked nothing like yours did lol but then again i wear a darker colour hair than you so maybe that has something to do with how they look together?

    • Gogo

      probably! People either love ’em, or hate ’em. My head shape is kind of square on top and i haaaaate the look.

  10. Janelle

    I personally use the Laqroki hair bases. They do match my skin tone because I also have been addicted to the Laq skins since 2008, so naturally I have the matching skin to the hairbase.

    • Ashlee

      How did you get them? They don’t come with the hair.

      • Ashlee

        Replying to myself … I found them. Single color span is 350L. So to match what you get for free from both Amacci and Analog Dog you’d have to spend around 2000-3000L. Hmmm …

        • Janelle

          They do come with the skins, BUT they also come independently as well. In the Laq Body shop (the area you buy the skins) theres a wall with shapes, hairbases, eyes, etc. If you own a Laq skin already and aren’t happy with the included hairbase directly on the skin, I’d suggest getting these because they aren’t just hairbases, they have eyebrow options as well, made to blend seamlessly with the Laq Glow skins.

          As for coming with the hair, no they don’t, but it doesn’t cost you 2-3k to get them. They are sold separately for L$350

  11. Is

    I rarely wear hair bases since I use white, silver, or grey hair and only one hair maker that I know of (Exile) has hair bases that match ALL of the hair he makes. Skin designers unfortunately neglect those of us who wear silver/grey hair. We look ridiculous with blonde, brown, black, and red bases. I have asked some skin designers to include white and/or grey hair bases but have yet to see any.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome. I wear very few hair makers because I’m picky about my silvers, but would love to try on more hair bases.

  12. Tracy Redangel

    I wear a hairbase if it goes well with a particular hair I’m wearing. Often you can’t even see a hairbase underneath the hair. I like hairbases because I’m fussy about hair blending into my skin and looking natural

  13. brez

    i couldn’t agree more about the fantastic lelutka skin hairbases – most realistic and attractive I have seen and I was so disappointed when the hair hairbases were not the same one. Hoping Minnu releases the skin hairbases soon

  14. brez

    oh but by compensation the lelutka hairbases are moddable which means I can always get a perfect match with any hair i am wearing

  15. Sheila Yoshikawa

    I’ve been using W&Y and Amacci ones, and I wear hairbases all the time; I would often get blank rez spots, and with my hair being blue the blank spots seemed really noticeable (also, being bluehaired, I’m never going to get the right hairbase coming with a skin). I hadn’t realised Analog Dog doing was doing them too – must grab! Bewteen them, they cover quite a good range of blues, so I wear them with other people’s hair as well.

  16. Unicorn Vendetta

    Analog Dog for me too!

  17. Hito

    I’ve always worn a hair base since day one! Back in 2007 after being in SL for only a week I stumbled upon Naught Designes by Lost Thereian. I had the “Alina” skin [that had the hair base painted on] and I lived in that skin for the next 2 years ONLY because it had the hair base. I would always get compliments about my hair line looking so natural [plus it came with that pun/ponytail attachment thing- I love hair buns]. Then in 2009 when Redgrave released the “Leona” skin with hair base I lived in that skin until Belleza released their “Alyson” skin- which is now my current skin. I don’t really see the need to get a new skin since I can just mix and match makeups now. But yes I ALWAYS wear a hair base- I much like wearing hair attachments more than full hair- I like the classic pulled back buns. 🙂

  18. Bell Lectar

    I find myself unable to give up on laq, for the hairbase being one of the reasons.
    I find theirs just the perfection of what a hairbase should be.
    Any others I tried either dont really look like hair at all, aren’t designed to fit most hairbase styles, or have some shape flaws, like the forehead is too low, it’s all straight and circular with a zero heart-shaped value a real hairline would have at least in some degree.
    I find these truth bases guilty of all of those. As nice as having a base perfectly fitting truth hairs, I’ll prefer one that isn’t as fit in color but makes for a beautiful forehead.
    And I don’t find the idea of truth hairbase very good either. What is the point of a hair tatoo that doesn’t much look like hair? As perfect truth styles and colors are, their texture is far from good. All blended and stripy with with no shine and some random paler spots instead. I wish they upgrade one day.

    No hairbase tops laq’s for me yet, but them having just 4 colors is shameful. Why release a zillion skins but be too lazy to color your tatoo?

  19. thaumata strangelove

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the ones from BooN yet. They have a ton of hairbase styles and their hairbases actually give you the option of having the hair gathered high or low, etc. I love them.

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