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Under my umbrella-ella-ella


The title is totally cheesy, I know.

After putting together today’s outfit, I needed a pretty sim to photograph in, so I visited Yse Ah’s blog. Her blog is an amazing resource to find nice locations for photos, and I use it all the time. When I saw her post about the Amia sim, I had to check it out.


Just a couple of days ago, I saw someone blog a rainy picture that looked amazing. The rain effect was done with Photoshop, but since I can’t really do all of that (lack of PS skills), I decided to use the NODe umbrella, which is scripted with a stunning rain effect. YAY!

Gos - Rigged Wellington

Have you seen these lovely new Gos (Mesh) Wellingtons? I had originally wanted to re-create a Rainbow Bright costume using SL items, but I couldn’t think of a nice Rainbow dress, but I customized the shoes & wore some Rainbow socks anyway! These (Sheer) Frank Rainbow Amortentia tights from Schadenfreude are amazing but they lacked nice sculpted cuffs, so I borrowed some from my Maitreya Moxie Over-Knees Socks, and tinted it the same color.

Gos - Rigged Wellington

Gos - Rigged Wellington

The Gos Wellingtons are available in 12 colors, but scripted to change Strap, Lip, Sole, and Boot color so you can create many different combinations.

What I’m Wearing:

Elikatira – With (Blonde 05) 70% off Sale!! going on now
AOHARU – OffShoulderGauzeTunic (Daisy)
Mon Tissu – Minx Shorts (White)
Gos – Wellingtons
NODe – Umbrella_V2_NO8
Schadenfreude – (Sheer) Frank Rainbow Amortentia tights
Maitreya Moxie Over-Knees Socks

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  1. Suri

    That sim is so gorgeous. Definitely going there for pics. And you look lovely! <3

  2. Ivy

    Haha, this is what I love with SL and totally miss in RL — you can take a little piece from that product and add it onto another product 🙂 AND tint them!

  3. Lolitta Olivieri

    Lovely shots and lovely sim..
    I purchased these boots but it seems to change the colours of Strap, Lip, Sole..etc you need to buy the colour updater.. Mine only has one colour and doesn’t change 🙁

  4. Amethest Peck

    O.o I love Umbrellas!!!!!!!!!!! This is a fantastic blog! Thanks for the word on the NODe Umbrella!

  5. Ashlee

    That’s so cute I’ll be smiling all day.

  6. Sophie

    These boots look a little too much like huntingtons wellies in rl for my comfort. There’s definitely got to be some sort of copyright issue.

  7. Garrett Ceriano

    I have to get some of those boots now! They are so awesome AND they have my initial on them lol.

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