Newbie Style Challenge II

Newbie Style Challenge II

The original Newbie Style Challenge was a blast, so I’m bringing it baaaaaaack!!

This is Newbie Style Challenge II, the same rules apply but the spending limit has been raised to $550L (about $2.50US) cos we do want to encourage new players to spend some money and not rely entirely on freebies. I chose $550L cos that’s the minimum amount of Lindens that can be purchased via the BUY $L button in-world.

So here is the challenge SL, if you choose to accept it:

Can you make a nice avatar with little to no money?

This challenge starts now, November 4th, and ends on December 31st. If you do this challenge, please blog your look and leave a link in the comments of this post, or share your image to the Blog Challenge Flickr group with style credits so I can do a recap when it’s over.

Newbie Style Challenge II Guidelines

Things you can do:

  • You can use your existing shape (or give your alt your shape)
  • You can purchase freebies, dollarbies (or anything under $550L)
  • You can use group gifts, free gifts, hunt items, etc (you can use gifts from groups that are paid-to-join if the join fee is counted as part of the $550L total amount)
  • You can use it if you win it! (Lucky Chair, Midnight Mania)
  • All items must be acquired during the time of the challenge (you can’t use free items not currently available or in paid groups you’re already a member of)

Things you cannot do:

  • You cannot spend more than $550L
  • You cannot ask your designer friends to send you stuff (and if you’re a designer, you cannot use your own stuff unless it is FREE to everyone else too 😛)
  • You cannot use group gifts from groups that are paid-to-join (if the join fee exceeds $550L)
  • You cannot transfer inventory from your main to your alt
  • You cannot use anything in the library folders

Like last year, I will create a new alt for this challenge, so I don’t “cheat” or make a mistake and use items already in my inventory.

********USE AT YOUR OWN RISK********

A lot of people still want avatars with a last name, and I think most of the registration portals are gone, except there are still a few out there that has some last names available. I saw someone posted a link to this recently, and it worked for me.

Register for Second Life via the Virtual Library of Birmingham site

These last names are available:

  • Ashland
  • Coy
  • Deluxe
  • Highwater
  • Hurricane
  • Kroll
  • Lastchance
  • Lyric
  • Oodles
  • Spot
  • Thistle

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  1. Gogo – can we use the newb freebies if we create a new av for it? You know, the “under 30 days” gifts?

  2. Cool challenge, I am in:)
    (and yah, I created a brand new alt for this, finally a reason to make one!)

    Good luck and fun to all!

  3. OMG! I love you for posting the lastnames. Finally I don’t have use those stinking resident names! I saw someone with a last name was a few days old.

    Thanks SO MUCH!

  4. Hi!
    Can I use my old alt who never got out of newbie phase provided she only wear things acquired in those dates and a shape?
    Or does it need to be a new avie?

    • hi Laura! You can definitely use any alt/av you want, even your main av, as long as everything is recently acquired and follows with the challenge guidelines.

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  6. Oh hells to the yeah…last names!!…gawd…why did SL ever take those away…ty ty ty for listing that link….one Philomena Ashland is now created and off to start her shopping with her $550L in hand.

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    • Grm. I work too fast, those boots cost 250 instead of 200. I need to edit the entry, take off the sunglasses or find freebie sunglasses.

  12. That’s so great Chelle and ty for the info about LoB, but for some reason it only gives me a blank web page?

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  14. better not post links of sites where you register a last name…. Linden Lab is taking them down as soon they see the post…

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  17. I wanted to create an avatar with a last name, but when I clicked on the link it was a blank web page… It might be likely that LL took it down when they saw it… :S

    • I agree! Finding great shoes that are freebies/cheapies is a big challenge.

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    • As a help to those doing this challenge, Pink Label has 3 boxes at Free Dove. Two are for women. One contains a gown and matching shoes which also texture change to a brown/black snakeskin. The other contains a pair of sneakers with a casual outfit. The third box is a casual outfit for men which includes a pair of black sneakers.

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  31. AND, since you are such a moron and published the link to register, LL found out and it obviously doesn’t work anymore.

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  40. I cant believe you ruined one of the last ways to get a last name with this stupid challenge. Fantastic.

    • Actually, there are portals around. I won’t link it here, but you can search for it. I mentioned one of a few portals that are opened, so a bunch of people could create alts for this challenge.

      Also, I didn’t “RUIN” it, Lindens did. Last names have been officially gone for more than a year.

      • I think this is a great challenge, not stupid at all.

        And while its regrettable that the Lindens seem to have closed some portals as a result of heightened exposure, I don’t think its fair to expect GOGO to have known that would be a result of her blog.

        • Over the weekend I hope to update my ‘getting started’ guide for new residents, and plan to link this challenge and the old one in there, under shopping sections – as they show new folks that its very possible to look amazing ‘early on’ before they’ve “invested a RL-mortgage” into the platform. 🙂

          (Especially since the Gnubie Store closed – which was part of where I was sending folks in past.)

          This challenge is the kind of blog we need more of if we want to help new people gain comfort in returning to SL. It shows new folks many options, -AND- those options are spread around SL, causing them to learn that exploring is both worthwhile and fun. If they could put a blog article on the Destination Guide, I’d nominate this challenge.

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