The couverture Vintage one-piece mesh dress is so adorable! This dress only comes in one size (and includes a body alpha). I’m an average sized avatar, but I think someone a lot bigger than me might want to grab a demo cos the fit is slim. I haven’t seen anyone do a pleated mesh dress yet, so this is very exciting! <3


Check out this page for the Vintage Fair map and SLurls!

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Ricci (Swedish)
LaGyo – Vintage Headband (Gold)
R.icielli – Carmelia Pumps (Navy)

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  1. Gogo. I have been reading your whole blog for days when I get the time.
    And I must say thank you for making such an amazing blog!
    I come here at least 3 or 4 times a day praying for an update from you because they are just so neat and informational, and I love how you always add just a little bit of yourself in it too.
    Keep up with the good work. <3!

  2. Oh this dress looks sooo pretty !!! It looks so real !
    Gogo, how did you achieve the look of parted lips in the picture above ? Looks awesome .

  3. I can not find a store- Could you give creator?sorry for my english.I love your blog

  4. I can not find that headband no where in Lagyo.. I been here now 35 minutes looking and nothing :/

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