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Join the Celoe group in-world to get this new Chelsea dress (in Champagne) for free! Celoe is the new brand from the talented team of LeLutka creators. The new Celoe main store, and also Mon Tissu main store will be housed on the Mayfair sim. I don’t know if any single sim in SL can handle so much talent, but we shall see!

Have you heard of Standard Sizing? Some brands in SL will now create things in Standard Sizes, which is suppose to help people fit mesh better (if you happen to be sized pretty close to these XXS-Large Standard Sizes). I fit the M(edium) from this package pretty well except for some areas (boobs, body) buuuut…… I thought it looked kind of BULKY! So I modified my shape and squeezed into the S(mall). What about you? Which size do you fit with the new Standard Sizes?

Also as a side note…. I don’t really agree that Gogo is M(edium). I’m petiiiiiiiiiiiite!

What I’m Wearing:

AOHARU – Hair Megan02a (Chocolate)
Celoe – Chelsea Dress (Champagne) S
Nardcotix – Esther Vintage Pump (Teal)
LaGyo – Roslyn Necklace

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  1. Tori

    I agree, the sizing is ridiculous. I already had to resize my stuff to fit prim wise before. It’s really irritating that “standard” size is extra skinny. And if it’s large is HUGE, and the mesh won’t fit unless you have a really large body size. It’s to be expected since sizing is all over the place irl.

  2. Ellie

    I love this dress, especially because it’s named after my sister. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I know this is off topic for this post, but could you create a new blog post about how you do YOUR windlight settings for Viewer 3?
    Thanks a bunch if you do. :)!
    -that long time fan Ellie. <3

  3. Sedge Weyland

    It doesn’t look like you. ๐Ÿ™

    It’s too bad that mesh can’t be resized – this is a really cute dress, but if it doesn’t fit your small avatar properly there’s no way it’d fit my glamazon. My avatar is tall and broad shouldered, but very thin, so the “large” made for curvy girls wouldn’t work.

    • Adonila Weiss

      Actually height, leg length and shoulder width are things that mesh will scale with. So you can easily fit this dress with your avatar. You didn’t mention her breast or butt size, those are things mesh won’t scale with, you’re stuck with the boobs on the dress. But you can make her width thick or thin, tall or short, wide or narrow shoulder and hips just fine.

      • Sedge Weyland

        Like I said – very thin. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Her shoulders are broad, and to balance that, her hips are fairly flared, but she’s got almost no chest. Think Elle Macpherson’s body type. If I wear mesh that fits her width ways, they tend to be made for avatars that generously proportioned.

  4. Sugar

    I wish Mesh designers would relises that some skinny girls have a bit of curves. Ilike you Said the medium looked bulky on meto. I think my waist and hips are very well porportioned for a thin girl that has a few curves uptop and out back. I’m not over busty or have a huge butt but Im a thin well developed girl. and it seems mesh creators skipped right over us when designing.

  5. leilani

    I’m a large in mesh items >_> and I consider myself to be on the med/petite side. My avie is curvy as is my RL self.

    I guess just like RL, if we aren’t an anorexic thin model then we’re all Medium/Large/X-Large.

  6. Ningyou

    This someone ignores the real problem with mesh, the loss of individuality. It is more that just my her face that makes my avatar *mine*. Second Life was the one place where I could throw body image and worrying about “the wrong fit” out the window.

    Standardized sizes just gives into the limitations of mesh rather than working around them or waiting for an *actual* fix. Standardized shapes, while a nice thought, isn’t even a hot fix. Blue Mar had the same problem with mesh clothing not fitting or moving properly and *it* had a standard shape set. Honestly, only a handful of people in world know what a properly proportioned human should look like and how clothes should fit them.

    Quarl and Maxwell Graf managed to raise the money needed to work on their mesh related project–in which they’ll be working with Linden Labs to get the integration done properly.Why mangle our shapes to their standard sizing?

  7. dawnde lane

    i had to make my boobs go to 0 on the xs, and it looked ok, the mesh has a boob shape so it doesnt look odd, i dont have big boobies in sl but if you are a larger girl up top this is going to be a challange to fit.

    that said i loveee the actually dress, and can see it being a fav for sometime!

    cannot wait for the sim to open, if it isnt already ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Mina Bergiere

    There is really something that LL should do if they want us to use mesh in a constant basis, I’m not talking about the obvious resizing/fitting problem. But we need to be able to wear several alpha layers at the same time. Cause really, we have to choose between our favortie shoes or our favorite hair, or dress or whatever ? that’s kinda stupid. And even if a lot of us do, not everybody knows how to make their own alpha layers.


    PS : I am a teen or a kid in sl, so imagine how NOTHING mesh is fitting me… LOL

    • Gogo

      Hi Mina,

      You can wear multiple alpha layers now, just right click -> ADD to wear.

  9. Gyorgyna Larnia

    I know I’m probably one of the few designer who are not dazzled by meshes
    revolution, I personally don’t get the point of using mesh stuff.
    Second Life isn’t a combat/adventure game where you need to move, and where
    clothes are a second point of a standard character. Second Life (imo) is a place
    when everyone of us can be whatever we want, from a skinny model, a little girl
    to a curvi brazilian woman. Standard sizing closes the customs opportunities to
    be what they want, and designers require customers to make a choice, probably
    not necessary, but easy for those who sculpts and creates mesh.
    My shape is a skinny model type, so I can consider myself an “average user”, but what happenes to all the others??

  10. Mina Bergiere

    Reaaaally ? I didn’t see that !! thank you ^^

  11. Ivy

    Gogo, I don’t get it how you get such perfect emoted pictures! I try, try and try but they always end up.. kinda ugly ๐Ÿ™‚ And those which ends up looking OK or even good, they never have that very-happy or very-sad expression. Always somewhere “in between” ๐Ÿ™‚

    You go, Gogo! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Blair

    According to those standard shapes, I’m a short L -.-‘ The shapes look sort of strange, really.

    LOVE that dress though <3

  13. Electra Baxton

    Gogo is M for medium? No way! She’s Z for zaftig!
    “Standard” sizing is one more reason for the likes of me to hold off on upgrading Firestorm till Qarl and Max get their mesh-avatar-fit code stuff up and running.
    In the meantime, I’m collecting mesh demos.

  14. Raquella

    Out of curiosity, how tall is your avatar? You know when some things come in S, M, L in non mesh items– I always fit a medium or large. Which is weird to me because my avatar is so little and only 5′ 3”. It just makes me wonder if those amazon avatars can fit into larges.

    • Gogo

      5.72 ft ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. chillilly

    I modded my shape the other day, then came across that Standard Sizing project on the Marketplace – well, in short, I rather pass mesh clothing than giving up on my individual look.
    Any mesh demo I tried on so far either was too narrow in the hips area or far too bulky and too wide around chest.

    LL failed once again to implent a new feature as an actually useful resource, that’s for certain and it’s absolutely not the designers’ fault.
    However, please keep on voting and watching … yes, both.. this jira issue:
    Maybe someday, somehow, somewhere…

    On a sidenote, I hope Mon Tissu’s new mainstare won’t suffer from the same peculiar lag issue like the current one does.

  16. Alexxandra Sorbet

    I got a top at their temp. store earlier today, and I gotta say.. It’s damn awesome.
    The store is a bit pricey, so I probably won’t shop like crazy there, but I will absolutely buy some things every now and then, cuz the quality is totally awesome.

  17. Hannah Strange

    I am loving the dress and mesh.. It’s all SO pretty! I’m size XS but I had to downsize my boobs to fit it properly of course but it’s fine ๐Ÿ˜€ I look frackin’ cute now.

  18. Shiori Carter

    boo ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can squeeze into the small with the alpha hidding my boobies, but otherwise its a medium.
    You definitely have to very thin to fit below the medium, and your boobies better be 30 or less.

    While i love the dress, i wont be wearing it since its not my shape. Hopefully that project that is going on outside of sl Mesh Clothing Parametric Deformer Project will actually deliver and hopefully we can then all use this and keep our individuality otherwise, its clones clones clones ๐Ÿ™‚ and if i want clones i will just log in my clone army ๐Ÿ™‚

    Linden Labs has taken an intrests it says, so yay ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Ginevra Rodex

    I love this dress but unluckily I have a shape pretty “particular” ( shortie, big breast, big butt) , so I try this dress but neither the Large size fits good with my breast and I look like a whale in the butt. That’s a pity ’cause I really like this dress and most of the mesh clothes, but I need all the time to modify my shape and I’m really lazy so I don’t like do it and I don’t like not be “myself”, makin’ me too thin without my curves, I will do it just for blog and show people interesting mesh clothes and stuff around this metaverse world.
    I like so much even the new Celoe boots, but can’t understand why they don’t fit at all with me. I’m sad รง.รง

    However, you look beautiful in those picks !

  20. Reader

    I take a copy of my shape and put it in each dress then modify the shape as needed, save in the outfit folder and never mess with it again. Really all I’ve had to mod is the breast settings and I’m okay with that. My breasts are not me.

    The only difference with mesh is that now I mod a little bit of my avatar to fit the dress instead of modding the dress to fit me.

    • Gogo

      Good tip! That would work nicely for someone who doesn’t change skins often, but I have a couple of favorite skins that I switch between and tons of shape tweaks that I make all the time. Also, there’s no guarantee that you will always need to mod the same way for different pieces of clothing. Some items just my boobs are affected, other items it’s my butt. Etc…

      I’m not terribly attached to any part of me that I wouldn’t mod, but some items are shaped awkwardly, and I wouldn’t even try to force myself to wear something that is bulky.

  21. Milo Michaels

    Makes me think these brands are just using this “Standard Sizing” Shit to create brand recognition for their new brand and monopolize the market. Everyone who is anyone in the business knows there is a fix on its way very soon that will enable clothing to fit to any avatar size. Opportunistic & Ego driven.

  22. Reader

    I don’t think it’s as much ego as practicality. The same thing happened in shoes in SL a long time ago. Size 0 became the norm because shoe were no-mod. Thus all the girls in SL with that odd anorexic ankle deformity.

  23. Solace Paine

    Standard sizing isn’t going to help the real issue, that of mesh clothing fitting skeleton and not mass. Until then mesh clothing will be forced on us by favorite designers who seem to have stopped designing non-mesh clothing in favor of clothing, shoes, and hair most of SL can’t or won’t wear, either because of viewer issues or because they do not have a stick thin avatar. It makes me sad, but my L balance is sure getting a nice break.

  24. chillilly

    A month has passed and by now, I can honestly say that none of my shapes fit any of the standard sizes.

    I made a chart to compare those 8 most important sliders and there’s never a “just change one slider and you’re ready to go” result among the chart:

    It seems to me as if the body fat slider is the most dominant factor to determine your size – for example, look at the stats of the Keira shape in my chart. The majority of sliders seems to suggest that her pants size would be XS. But thanks to the body fat slider at 24, pants in XS leave an ugly gap where it should blend in with the hips and stomach area and nothing but size L will fit. Though “fit” is an illusion – she’s drowning in size L.

    Plus, the jump from M to L seems just way too steep and I personally don’t like the pretty prominently sticking out butt or the rather big boobs. Even while faces and various other sliders may differ, the basic proportions of these standard sizes aren’t appealing for me at all.

    Wonder what’s more likely, more sizes or a fully fuctional, wildly adaped third party mesh deformer.
    Or maybe just start with everyone being able to see mesh – even that criteria isn’t fulfilled yet, hmm.

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