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Flightless bird

Laqroki - Ebba

I went to see Breaking Dawn (loved it!) and now I have to blog this skin as a Brunette, for Bella <3 So if you want to recreate Bella Swan in SL, I would highly recommend getting the new Ebba skin from Laqroki. It’s stunning!

Laqroki - Ebba

I’m wearing the Ebba skin in Fair tone, but there’s also a new lighter tone called Ivory (perfect for Vampire Bella!!), so check that out if you’ve always wanted to go very light (lighter than the Milky tone). This skin comes with 5 lipstick, and neutral eye makeup. I also purchased the Brows pack — the default brows are lighter, and each brows pack has all 9 brows color included.

Laqroki - Ebba

What would Bella Swan wear, if Gogo dressed her? In something Pink, of course! I love the new Lycia Tank from Mon Tissu. It’s mesh, it moves, it’s fabulous. I’m also pairing it with the new LoLong Trousers from Celoe, also a mesh item and pairs perfectly with this tank top.

Check out the new Mon Tissu & Celoe temporary shop for all the goodies

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Clara (Treacle) new
Mon Tissu – Lycia Tank Top (Rose)
Mon Tissu – Lycia Lace Bandeau Bra (Peach)
Celoe – LoLong Trousers (Makara)
LaGyo – Adele Jewelry set
Mon Tissu – Sloane Pumps (Chocolat)

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  1. Alexxandra Sorbet

    OMG I so want to see that movie.. And the worst thing is that my mother was offered tickets to the premiere in Sweden where I could have met the actors, and she said no to them.. Damn I was so mad at her.

  2. Blair

    So it’s worth going to see it then? My friend and I are jokingly planning to go there dressed as Voldemort and yell “Kill the spare!” whenever Edward shows up.

    Nice look 🙂

    • Gogo

      Yes, I loved it 🙂

      Go see it, but don’t shout 😀 Movie tickets are pricey, it would suck if some people were shouting.

  3. brez

    It’s a nice look – damn I really have to get my courage up to try firestorm so i can wear these clothes! Pretty sure my computer wont abide any V2/V3 viewer which is going to be tres expensive for me. If you really want to look like Bella however, Ebba I think is not much like her at all – the Kristen skin at Unique is a direct copy of the actress though, and very pretty.

    • Adonila Weiss

      Remember that there are V1 viewer that can do mesh, like cool viewer. So give it a try if V2 crashes.

  4. Vianne

    I also adore the new Celoe stuff, but what on earth is with their prices!? YIKES!

    I am happy to spend substantial moneys in SL, but yikes, 475L for a pair of pants!?

  5. Annoyed Designer

    OMG Its mesh people. Seriously 475L on pants is cheap. So many are complaining about the price of these designs all over the blogs. This is new technology that takes long to make. The prices are VERY reasonable imo. Especially considering the quality. Stop acting like you should be entitled to pay peanuts for these things…designers spend RL time & money to bring you these fabulous creations, and whatever we make in sales, pays for RL bills. Just like your wages pay for your bills. The only difference is… I bet you dont get paid 2USD for 6 Hours+ work! :/

    • Anahata

      i’d pay 475 for an original design before i’d pay 200 for some template junk.

  6. Hito

    I’m with you Anahata~ It’s such a letdown to buy something thinking it’s an original design only to find the template on marketplace…

  7. felix

    The price was reasonable, but sadly i’m still having problem with the mesh stuff *sigh*
    Try every viewer that enable mesh, hmm all i can see is bulky and invisible stuff 🙁

  8. Marianne Little

    I demo’ed the LoLong trousers, and they don’t look like this on me. I found a size that sat nice around the waist, but the shoes keep poking out through the pants fabric. I was wearing high heels, will I have to wear something with a thick sole or is the shoes edited down a bit? I really like this type of pants and the texturing is so good. This was a bit disappointing, the pants should adjust to leg length.

    • Gogo

      I wore heels, but not extremely high? I hope you can find shoes that will work! 🙂 I didn’t adjust my shoes at all, that would really mess up the fitting (it was already perfectly attached to my foot)

      • Marianne Little

        Tried the demo again, and found some shoes that fit!

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