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Juicy; Melinda Shape

Juicy - Melinda Shape

I haven’t made a new shape in a few months, so I thought I would do one for this new Laqroki skin. I loved the way the face on this shape turned out; it’s really adorable and curvy in all the right places. I almost didn’t sell this shape after I made it, cos I wanted to keep her for myself! If you’re looking for a new look, check out the Melinda Shape from Juicy — style card is included!

Purchase this shape at Juicy in-world or on Marketplace.

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  1. Delilas

    I’ve always loved your shapes. Never remove my juicy shape. But I can’t help but notice that on nearly every shape post, someone will ask why you don’t do demos, and you don’t respond. I stopped buying after laura (which was a long time ago) because I hate it when I buy something and it doesn’t work out the way I wanted it to. You’re a talented shape maker, Gogo, and I know I’d own a lot more shapes from Juicy if I knew it would work with my skin.

    • Gogo

      hi Delilas! Leave me your name and I will send you a gift 🙂

  2. Emilee

    This is a really cute shape! Even though I don’t play SL anymore. I always check in your blog. Makes me miss SL. >.<

  3. Alexxandra Sorbet

    Very pretty!
    I just wish you had a demo of the shape so I could see how it looks with my creations before I buy it.

    • Vianne

      Oh I absolutely agree! I’m a one-skin woman, I only change my skin when the quality is reallly aged (like every year or even 2!), so if a shape doesn’t fit my skin, I wouldn’t wear it.

      Gogo! We need shape Demo’s!!

  4. ebediyet Matthews

    Wow! My jaw dropped. I might buy it though I’m very attached to my shape, she has a great body, though!!!

  5. Pinky Villota

    I love your shapes too, Love looking at them, But have to agree with so many awesome shapes to chose form demos would be great 😀 But from the photos they really do look stunning.

  6. Ziki Questi

    Looks great. 🙂 I too would suggest that you consider adding demos for your shapes — at least so people can see how faces would look.

  7. Alexxandra Sorbet

    *blows a kiss* Totally gorgeous shape, you did really good on this one! I only changed it a liiiittle bit, cuz it’s so perfect.

  8. Lovisa

    I really like the hair and the bra/shirt in this post. Can you please let us know where they are from?

    • Annabella

      The shirt & “bra” are from Mon Tissu, the shorts are from BOOM and the shoes are from Maitreya Gold. I’m not sure about the hair though and I’m curious as well, it’s cute.

      • Paris

        The hair is Iris from Truth (:

  9. Aurore

    I agree with everyone else…demos would help
    in choosing a shape. I just got Sophia and not quite
    happy with the way it looks with my skin…would love to
    try a demo of Melinda!

    • Gogo

      I make shapes FOR a skin. It’s certainly wearable with any skin you’d like, but would prob have to tweak some. If it’s worn with the skin that’s listed in the included style card, it should look exactly like the vendor image. 🙂

      • Jolene

        It’s cool that you make shapes FOR a skin but…you’re shapes are really great and some might not want to wear the skin that the shape is for (or can’t afford it). Plus, it kinda sucks if you walk around and see everyone looking the same as you….just saying.
        I’d love to demo your shapes and that’s the reason why I don’t buy any from Juicy. But I did take a chance with the Chelle shape…and I did buy the skin in the style card but ended up hating the skin and modified the shape a little to fit my next skin.

      • Lisanna

        For 800L I’m at least expecting to try a demo, and I’m not buying a shape to wear with only one skin when I have over 30 sets in my Inventory…

        • Gogo

          Uh, you can wear Juicy shapes with ANY skin you want to, but I make faces that I think are attractive to go with the skin it’s made for (info listed in style card). If someone wants to wear the shape with some other skin(s), they should tweak, or wear it as-is, but I do not recommend that. Everyone knows that one shape does NOT fit all skins, ever. I tweak my shape for every new skin, so there’s a Gogo version of every brand/skin that I wear, hope that makes sense.

  10. Oryx

    Gogo, I bought this shape several months ago and it is my FAVORITE shape and consequently the only one I wear now. I do have the skin suggested for it, but I actually found it too dark for some reason so I’m using Ebba Fair 02 and love-love it! It works with ANY colour/style of hair (right now I’m wearing blonde).

    To those questioning the cost, 800L for a shape you will probably wear ALL the time, and one that works with a LOT of skins (with some minor tweaking, as you have to do with every shape) is really not that much. I consider it a good investment because now I’m not constantly trying to find a better shape or tweak the one I have on. This one is PERFECT.

    Seriously – take the plunge. You won’t regret it!

    Love ya Gogo!

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