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SLink Glitter Peeptoes


It was SLove at first sight when I saw these new SLink Glitter Peeptoes Pumps! These pumps are mesh prim feet+shoes, and includes four HUDs to customize size, nail colors, skin color, and change the color on the bows & shoe.


I’m really glad the multipack is scripted to change shoe colors so you only have to fit/size the shoes once, and let the HUDs do the rest. I did find it difficult to fit the shoe perfectly around my leg, but I’ve been having this difficulty ever since SLink shoes (that includes feet) ends higher at the ankle and is invisible inside. I really fail at this, but I did the best I could in the pictures shown here. These pictures are not Photoshopped, and as you can see, the shoe looks amazing! The “invisible line” is not visible unless you cam top down or from the bottom up… or if you’re able to size/fit it perfectly, there shouldn’t be a line at all (so I’m told).


A close-up of the SLink Glitter Peeptoes pumps shoe+bow


Check out some of the colors! Also, mix-and-matching colors is a breeze with the HUD. These are stunning and sparkly shoes, perfect for the holidays.

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  1. Siddean

    Your fit is pretty perfect Gogo, if you are worried about seeing inside the ankles from the top, you can make them slightly smaller than the leg, since you are probably less likely to be camming *up* than *down*. Plus I added the finetuning HUD with these to help with exact sizing in the ankle. πŸ™‚

    • Gogo

      Good tip! Thank you, Siddean! I am happy with the fit but I’m also a perfectionist and I want it as perfect as possible to do the shoe justice.

  2. dawnde lane

    would be awesome if you could maybe share the RGB with us, as i had such a tough time tinting these :(.

    i love them to death though sooo cute

  3. Jewel

    those are lovely! I am deffinatly going to get a pair, thanks Gogo

  4. Alexxandra Sorbet

    These are simply gorgeous, really.
    I probably have to check these out when I can find some time for it.

    I need more than 24 hours in one day please!

  5. Bell Lectar

    This is such a lovely design, but I find the way it attaches unfortunate.
    Gogo is such a pro at wearing this stuff, but even on her pics you can clearly see the seam where the body stops and the attachment begins. Both in the shape and in the color.
    Why is there so much shading on the edge anyway? Not only some small round shading up in front, but they’re also different color from the front and the behind, so you can only get one side right.
    Plus I guess the HUDs are made for wide screens only. On my PC I can see normally only 1 of the 3 HUDs, another initially attaches half hidden, while third attaches somewhere outside the screen so I can’t even drag it. I even tried attaching it to different spots.

    • Gogo

      I have a 24″ monitor, and the small huds are wayyyyy out there, on the right hand side of the screen! I dragged mine towards the left, as well.

    • Gogo

      Also, I agree with you. I prefer a tapered stump to this, bc it is a more forgiving way to attach.

    • Siddean

      Bell, I can never make a foot texture that will match with the myriad of skin designs out there, where there are highlights, colour variations, textures and shadows that I have no control over, which is why I included the ankle blenders on both tattoo and shoe layers. If you wear the blender layer with the shoe, and tint them the same colour, you will not get the differences you’ve described as I created the blenders at the same time, and in the same colours as the base foot textures. The way they attach all but eliminates SL standard lighting from showing the seam as clearly as it does with a “stump” style, and it eliminates the need for me to only ever make ankle strap design shoes.

      I have a tutorial that I created specifically for this ankle design, it’s in the included notecard and worth watching to see how all the pieces fit together. Yes it is a little more work, but I think the results are worth it. (this is also relevant to Dawnde, the ankle blender layers work)

      The shadow that you see on the pics Gogo has taken is not actually a part of the texture, but an effect of the way that SL lighting shines on the prim from that angle, and I tried and tried and tried to get rid of it. It doesn’t appear in Blender or Zbrush, but lo and behold, as soon as I upload to SL, there it is again. You are welcome to use a lower alpha layer and make the feet a little smaller to fit, but I don’t think you will like the results. The point where the foot fits at the ankle is the narrowest point of the leg, exactly where the template goes from leg to foot, and was the best place I found to fit the ankles to with the least amount of alpha layer glitches depending on avatar height, and the least amount of lighting variation between the prim foot and the avatar leg due to the vertical faces.

      As for the HUD’s, if you edit a HUD, and scroll your mouse out, you will see what falls outside the screen area, and be able to drag it into your screen. Again, my screen is the size it is, and your screen might differ, so what I package up will never fit straight out of the box, especially where there are multiple HUDs like this.

      • Bell Lectar

        Oh, I didn’t know you could zoom the HUDs, thank you for explaining.
        That’s a shame how SL has to be limited, making certain things impossible πŸ™
        But your strap shoes are the best shoes ever <3

      • Bell Lectar

        And I don’t see why you feel limited to create only strap shoes. I always found your shoe-less feet just perfect. With the tatoo they blend seamlessly and there doesn’t seem any visible flaw in their attachment either, and if there may be, it won’t be in a clear-open area anyway. Except while bending the feet into a weird angle in the pivoting ones.
        Aren’t they basically the same thing as glitter peeptoes just without the ankle and the shoe? I always loved those.

  6. Tori

    Even though I can see the seam of where it attaches, I will be grabbing a demo because these look wonderful!

  7. Cin

    I purchased the Ruby peeptoes and only have the option to change my bow from matching and contrast (black). Is the option for more colours only available to those who purchase the fatpack? Kinda bummed it seems only the fatpack version allows for multiple bow colours.
    Otherwise, yes, the shoe is stunning.
    (I agree with Bell about the different colour of part of the foot as well. A little frustrating)

  8. Sassy

    Wow these shoes look so absolutely gorgeous! I’ve always struggled with tinting my SLink shoes though, there doesnt seem to be a way to input a specific RGB (just to find out the current RGB and guess which direction to go in). Any advice on how to work this better? Don’t want to buy the shoes if I cant get them looking right, and you seem to get them so perfect!

  9. Calina

    I am not happy with these shoes. I watched the YouTube tutorial and found it hard to match the skin. Total waste of my time and very frustrating.

  10. Hito

    These shoes are soooo cute! And I NEVER have any problems tinting SLink feet. But I have to pass based solely on the ankle design… I have never been able to get it to match up smoothly with my leg- you can always see the seem. πŸ™

  11. Siddean

    @Calina, I will attempt to contact you inworld – since you didn’t leave your last name or attempt to contact me, I can only hope I can reach the right person based on my recent transactions.

    @Sassy, there is and always has been a way to enter RGB into my feet. The command is /13 skin red,green,blue and you substitute in your numbers. There is value in watching my tutorial as I cover how to use this in conjunction with the ankle blenders to get a match.

    • Calina

      Hi Siddean. Thank you so much for contacting me inworld and offering your time, as a busy creator, to help me with the skin tone issue. I will definitely be in touch and we can decide a time. The detail in the shoes is superb and I should have mentioned that.

  12. Grazia Horwitz

    I really wish that most of you invested the time in writing harsh comments here, in watching Siddean’s video tutorial on youtube: which is also linked in the notecards that come with SLink shoes. It would help solve 99% of your issues. Aside from that, no content creator can be held responsible for your windlight settings, general graphic settings or your screen dimensions.

  13. Gwendalynn Beck

    Are you on marketplace? They are so cute!

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