MALT is giving away this adorable mittens, arm warmers, and scarf set in Red and Green as part of the KC Advent Christmas event. Visit MALT tomorrow (December 4th) and click on the calendar to receive your gift.


This is what the calendar looks like (you can still get today’s gift if you come and click on the 3rd date).


MALT – KC Advent Xmas Gift (Green | Red)

What I’m Wearing:

Elikatira – Rush (Blonde 05)
Fishy Strawberry – Jewelled Cashmere Sweater (Taupe)
Mon Tissu – Horizon Twill Trousers (Khaki)
Gos – Aviator Boot (Amelia)
MALT – KC Advent Xmas Gift (Red)

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  1. Now, I love Mon Tissu! Their clothes are fabulous!

    But just a heads up:
    I went in world…which a rarely ever do and they share a store with another designer, Celoe.

    I had bought the Lelong Trousers in Makara and they weren’t delivered. So I contact Shay the creator and I had the hardest time having her deliver them to me. I waited almost two hours. Before then she had asked for my transaction history which I thought was strange because I had never been asked that before. So when that was out of the way she never replied to my IM. I had to IM her twice before they were delivered.

    Bad experiences causes me to not shop at a place EVER again. But eh, I think I will anyways. The clothes are too goo to pass up!

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