A Lil’ Foxy

A Lil' Foxy

Poor Anya Ohmai. Some overly dramatic people accused her of being a “fox murderer” for releasing this adorable PIXEL fox scarf/wrap. The A Lil’ Foxy wrap is available at Collabor88 this month, and comes in Arctic, Black, and Red Fox fur. I think it’s so fabulous!

A Lil' Foxy

I changed my dress a dozen times, before settling on this Plisse Dress from Fishy Strawberry. I think the fur wrap will really go with anything you want to wear it with… or by itself!

A Lil' Foxy

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure/nolash (ltbrow)
LeLutka – Shoop Hair (Marilyn)
Fishy Strawberry – Plisse Dress (Sugar)
LeLutka – Pow Pumps (Powder Blue)
Blowpop – Fishnet Tights (Pearl)
Mon Tissu – Weekend Traveler (Mesh) Salmon
Ohmai – A Lil’ Foxy (Arctic Fox) Collabor88

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  1. I can’t believe people would get upset over that O.o. No *real* animals were killed for the lovely pixel scarf lol. You look great!

  2. Adorable little PIXEL fox! I’d consider getting one BUT…
    I’m a furry. 😡

    I wouldn’t wear one to a furry themed area, nope!

    But wow, people are crazy.

  3. We all know its a pixel, but is all about the message it sends. It is NOT OK TO WEAR FUR JUST FOR FASHION!

      • people are so nutty and overly dramatic.. making an issue out of EVERYTHING! lol. there are such things as fakes ya know… sheez louise.

    • People do wear fake fur in RL. Is that wrong? What about animal prints? This is simply a pixel scarf.

  4. Seriously? Lmao.. Come on people.. It’s a prim fox. I’d understand if people got upset if it was a real fox, but a prim fox? That’s taking it a LITTLE bit too far..

  5. I didn’t want to kill a fox before seeing this on your blog & I don’t want to kill one now. o/ Yay for faux and pixel fur! I hope I can get a transfer version so I can buy one for all of my friends.

  6. OMG! Im so pissed that thousands of electrons were killed in the making over that pixel fox. Many an email will be delayed now because of some fashionista wants to wear an uber cute smock. I hope shes happy now. LMAO. I mean c’mon people grow up and find something better to get your pixel panties in a bunch about. Kids are starving, soldiers are dying, Japan still needs some repairs. Lots of things to choose from. JS

  7. I personally think it’s hill-freakin-larius that people like Dina up there have absolutely NOTHING better to do with their time besides pick one designers. Really, chika? Let’s see -you- make something! Anya, who is a personal friend of mine, has stated over and over that it is a FAUX fox. Faux means fake, people. As in…not real. I mean, come on, I could see feathers getting ruffled if it was made to look realistic, but she made sure it had cartoonish proportions and was obviously, you know, fake. I won’t even get into the fact that it’s pixels, but it goes to show that some people just should not be allowed near computers. Ever.

    On a happy note, Gogo, you rock that scarf like no one else. Tres cute! <3

    • Lol I can make stuff…and as I said…we all know it’s FAKE. Should u make a scarf of a dead child and hang it around your neck and call it cute? I think not. I have compassion for living things and making money off something that is shown to be dead? that’s sick and not ok. Real or not.

        • Yeah i actually kinda love that idea… you know, for Halloween or something?? hehe.. all in good fun, to be taken with a grain of salt! Of course, you know… skinning a baby in RL is probably not a good idea… wait… No, no, not a good idea. I have compassion for living things too! But not compassion for pixels. They were never alive, sorry Dina. In fact, if you take issue with that scarf, I’m sure you must take issue with a lot of stuff in SL.. I’ve seen disembodied bloody heads in some horror sims! I read about a cannibal sim! It’s all fake, like having a problem with horror movies or something….

          On another note i LOVE that dress Gogo! hehe =)

  8. I’m an animal lover, and I agree with Dina’s sentiment that it’s not okay to wear fur for fashion.

    BUT I think what people need to think about before getting ruffled up about it is that the designer herself even intended it to be seen as the equivalent of wearing a stuffed fox around your neck in rl. It’s double the faux fox!

  9. I’m an animal lover. I’m also an Ohmai lover.

    I have a confession to make though … I’m an animal killer.
    I stepped on a spider today. In RL. … while my pixels were wearing Anya’s fox scarf.

    …just saying.

  10. I just couldn’t wear that.

    And yes, I even pick up spiders and put them outside instead of squishing them. Mosquitoes and fire ants… well that’s a different story. 😉

  11. I honest to god love furr. I live in europe so its less of a scandal here then in AMerica but i do not understand why some people mind wearing furr when they arent complete vegans. I would prefer to have everything of my body used then just pieces and bits. Mind you i do not agree with killing endangered species for furr and things like that. Maybe i am wrong but i grew up with that thought.

  12. You have got to be freaking kidding me. With all that is going on in our world today and these people are bitching about pixel furs in Second Life. Take some of that energy that you’re wasting on creating drama and go do some volunteer work.

  13. Really people log off now and go get help, if the sight of a pixel fox stole fur offends you than what do you do when you see a pixel penis…..call the FBI? I think its cute and even bought 2 of them, please continue to kill virtual animals Anya, I will still sleep very well at night.

  14. Dear fundamentalist e-environmentalists, It has come to my attention that your group of those affiliated with your group have posted some comments regarding virtual animals being mindlessly rendered into SL apparel. While I fully appreciate the implications that encourages such behaviour in RL, I must bring attention to the simple fact that video games are not real. Given that the failing efforts of conservatist politicians have resulted in general consensus among studies that there is no correlation between gaming & mental stability, one must assume your psotings are done in jest. Due to general lack of time on the interwebz limited to reading appealing material, I regret to inform you that I have attached a billable invoice, payable within 14 days of receipt, for the duration of my time costs expended in reading your unintentionally-hilarious viewpoints and associated backing “arguments”. Kindest regards, Liquid.

  15. Seriously, someone get on the dead baby stole. I’ll wear it. Cuz…you know…ITS FAKE.

  16. I am an animal lover too, but come on! It’s a pixel faux fur fox. She even said it was intended to be faux. I can understand if it were bloody or something & depicted something really horrific. But a sleeping fox? Give me a break!

    • I don’t know, I kinda wish it were bloody just to bother those people more… hehehe…

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