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Exile – Madison | Callisto | Lindsay

Exile has updated all current hair textures and even added a new color pack! I’m wearing Autumn, one of the colors in the Dark Blondes pack and I just love it so much. All the textures seems to pop with the addition of some more shine & darkened roots. Check out the color legend at Exile’s website to view the texture legend.

This week’s release has three hairstyles for women and two for men. Check that out…. especially if you’re a guy looking for new hair. Support hair designers when they actually make boy hair, otherwise they won’t release ’em!


I have also tried on a few of my old favorite hairstyles to check out the new textures and I really think is worth the update. If you already own some of these, do get it again in new textures, cos the roots & shine adds so much depth to the hair.


What I’m Wearing:

BeetleBones – Studded Biker Jacket (Tan) available at Four Corners
BOOM – Everyday Tank (Snow)
Mon Tissu – Lou Lou Denim (Used)
Gos – Aviator Boot (Amelia)
Mon Tissu – Take Flight Necklace (Silver)

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  1. I’m sure you’ve blogged this skin by now, i was just wondering what skin is this? An i’m in love with this entire outfit!

  2. I like Exile hair. I really do, but I don’t like that most hair from there looks really strange from in sideview. But the new textures do indeed add depth to the of the three i especially like Callisto and the locks on the hairstyle in the middle of the second row. I just wish the sculpts would be less obviously identifiable/pointy, which would make them look more like hair and less like prims.

    • I agree Shuri! I particularly dislike how the hair sticks so far off of my avatar’s shoulder. It looks very stiff and unnatural. I love the highlights in these new textures. They just pop and look so pretty!

  3. Yaaay! I wish more of my favorite hair places would update their older styles to have darkened roots, at least as an option. *coughTRUTHMagikaLelutka*

  4. What are the hairstyles in the row with 3 photo’s??!??!
    I absolutely adore the middle style!!!

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