What’s your favorite skin?


What’s your favorite skin? Why is it your favorite?

Right now, my favorite skin is Elly from Pink Fuel (if you didn’t already know). I like it cos ย the face is adorable and the skin tone works perfectly well with many hair colors. Also, Elly comes with a lot of lipsticks and lipgloss tattoos!

I tend to move from one brand to another, but when I decide to stick with a skin, I wear it almost exclusively for months and months.

I use to review tons of skins, but this past year, I haven’t reviewed many at all cos hardly anything appeals to me. I guess I won’t be known as the “skins blogger” anymore, and that’s quite alright with me.

I have reviewed…

38 skins in 2008
108 skin in 2009
65 skins in 2010
and just 22 skins in 2011 (so far)!!

You can view all the sets on my Flickr page.

I’m pretty sure I’ve featured more than this on my blog over the past 4 years, but I don’t always do a whole skin review for every skin.

Do you want to see more or less skin reviews here?

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure/no lash (ltbrow)
Exile – Tempest (Babydoll)
R.icielli – Suellen Minidress (Silver)
Donna Flora – Grimilde necklace

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  1. My favorite is Elly as well! Haven’t taken it off since I saw it the first time you blogged it when it was released!

  2. I think you do a fantastic job but I would LOVE to see more skin reviews, please ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I would LOVE to see more skins from you. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And surprisingly, I don’t have a favorite skin. I always change when I find one I like, but I have no favorite skin brand.
    And for me, it’s actually hard to find a good pale-fair skin.
    Gogo, or anyone, do you have any advice for finding the *perfect* pale-fair skin?
    It’s turning out to be such a challenge!

  4. my favorite skin as already long time laqroki Elena Nougat… i love a little bit darker tone because i often wear brown or black hair… it comes with many liptones.. love your blog.. go ahead , Bye bye Nic

  5. I’ve been stuck on &Bean skins since they came out, but I know they’re old by now! For some reason, I still find them so unique. I know I like my LAQ skins, always, and Pink Fuel does make some fabulous skins. The Elly skin is great, I agree!

  6. My favorite skin has to be Suzanne – English Rose from Mynerva. I really like it because of how natural it looks and how you can have the little “imperfections” that most skins don’t have.

    and as for more posts about skins I’m here mostly for the clothes so it doesn’t bother me either way.

  7. I don’t know how I got it… But i recently found a skin from Ploom that I absolutely love. Before that one I wore Mojo…
    On my alt I have a skin from Illusory…

  8. For me it’s been LAQ’s Phoebe2 in Peach for about 8 months. I am not overly keen on the lips so wear it with Mynerva and MOCK’s lipstick layers. I haven’t found a skin I’ve totally fallen in love with since League released Taylor, which I wore for ages before wanting a change. I am really picky about skins and am yet to find one that ticks all my boxes.

    I love Pink Fuel but it’s just a little young looking for me, I like my avi to reflect my RL age, that being early 30s. I also really like Dutch Touch, especially their lips, and nobody beats Tuli for noses imho. My perfect skin would be LAQ’s skin texture, Dutch Touch’s lips and Tuli’s nose.


  9. My favorite currently is body co. Iris.
    I really adore the bodydetails and they had a makeup sale, when Santa gave me the skin, so i could get a few of the specially made makeups from there for alltogether for less than the super ridiculous price they usually take for a single one(and in my opinion it needs lipstick to look not just ok but great, because of the sadly noticable dry looking lips…i wish theyd include a basic-gloss version in each pack, so i wouldn’t need to wear a tattoolayer with it, since my laptop can’t handle any of the multiple tattoolayer viewers anymore(;_;) ).
    The skin is pricy, much too pricy for my taste, because it doesn’t have a lot of options(only brow and hairbase and since the newest release(Iris) it’s 1000L per singleskintone, which is 500L cheaper than before, but now only in one hairbase/browcolor out of the available three (brown, black, blond and since iris the blondepack also includes lightblondebrows)not all of them, like before …<.<..), but the overall quality of the skin really gets better with every release and i mean the WHOLE skin not just the face…i recently consciously noticed that alot of big skin creators only update their faces and don't change the sometimes years old body texture at all or only minimal and certainly not because they're just so perfect that they don't need to update them more than once every few years…<.<(though the style of the faces of bodyco changes aswell, so if one doesn't like the newest face it's unfortunate :3) the hairbases and brows are good, even if the brows were very difficult to shape to my usual form, only the style of the lightblond brows is a bit …strange but bearable and that they don't really have a color makes them wearable with white hair and other light(ie. rainbow)colors one usually doesn't get a browcolor for. And the creator is really nice and fast. I had a problem with the purchase and even the redelivery panel didn't work, because of massive lag so i sent her a notecard and the next day she sent me the whole fatpack for my skintone, not just the brown brows/hairbase version Santa had payed for. I recently and finally parted with my old mainskinshop (the following long journey brought me to bodyco in the end) because on top of everythingelse, the attitude the creator shows towards customers really got on my nerves, so this was an even more happy (and probably lucky) surprise.

    reference picture – brown brows http://www.flickr.com/photos/shuri_/6473854999/in/photostream/
    reference picture – light blonde brows http://www.flickr.com/photos/shuri_/6492142235/in/photostream/ (filter used on that picture, the original colors are a bit stronger)

    I really like your reviews of skinbrands Gogo, especially of those i know or better even, use myself or consider aquiring. It's allways nice to get the opinion of a skinaddict who knows and shows what they're talking about.

  10. I’m really into the Tres Blah skins which have a totally different look compared to pink fuel, curio, and LAQ. But when Garbo by TB was released for Collabor88 it was instant love and I hardly take it off. I really like TB slasher with freckles because I like being a ginger on SL.

  11. Not many skins appeal to me anymore either. I wore Curio for years but switched to Al Vulo when the face color(I wear Bean) ceased to match the skin color. Very frustrating because I loved her skins big time
    .I love your reviews,Gogo, but, they really aren’t relevent to me because I wear darker versions and they can be quite different than the lighter versions you prefer and blog about.

  12. I’ve always been fond of Asian skins. My current favorite is Dr Life silkgirl Xue in tan.

  13. I can’t take of LAQ’s Lovisa atm… I think the freckles on it are great. I do really enjoy reading your skin posts, as personally I find skin shopping a bit of a hassle and often you spot faults on skins that I wouldn’t notice. Happy Christmas Gogo xx

  14. I switch between a few different skin brands for taking pictures. But when I’m just wandering the grid, I go for either Pink Fuel’s Elly or Grixdale’s Teagan 2.
    And if I want to do something completely different, I always go for one of Frick’s skins.

    I’m not a real skin-addict, but I do like to read the occasional skin review. So basically, just keep doing what you were doing!

  15. YS&YS (YourSkin & YourShape) – Giorgia (Rhum makeup)

    Worn it since February, LOVE it still.

  16. I’ve been living in ploom’s Maia skin in the past months and their light brow option actually made me convert from a dark brown / black hair colour to a light brown / blonde. I’m wearing the vanilla tone, freckles depending on the mood (and on the hair colour, too ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). As for make-up, I usually wear such with thick eyeliner or smokey eyes, along with make-up layers from other stores.

    A huge criteria for me are nicely drawn eyebrows. I cannot stand pixelated effects in brows or a look as if they had just been slapped upon the face. It’s been a killer for quite a number of brands for me.

  17. I enjoy your skin reviews because you actually use a good shape with them.
    Some reviewers use somewhat abstract shapes-it makes hard for me to judge what the skin actually offers.
    I buy allot of skins and tend to change them with what I’m wearing, just have not found my idea of perfect yet.

  18. mine is Elly, no doubt about it, its flawless and it comes with that huge pack of lipstick options that I adore.
    I think there are a lot of new skins and skins brands, thing is you have to discover them, out of the so called mainstream (laq, pf,curio,etc)
    Have you tried Al Vulo? Medley? Iren? Mojo? I love their skins. I recently discovered Love, but the new skin was taken out of market due to a problem with template used. But it looks awesome.

  19. I’m surprised you don’t consider Laqroki’s Linnea your favorite skin: it just looks so darn good on you. But I agree that PF’s skin also flatters that shape of yours. Laq and Curio are by far my favorite skins that I do not make, especially because of the value. What you get and what you pay for from Laq and Curio are very good, I think (in terms of art, originality, quality, professionalism, ingenuity, ground-breaking game-changing looks etc… the whole package)

    • Good point! Laqroki will always be a favorite. I wore out Linnea, and now, my new Laq favorite is Ebba! Depends on the month(s), my favorite skin tends to change about 2-3x a year.

  20. Elly. I`ll fall back on some Mynerva sometimes too. I haven’t been very wow’ed by many skins this year. I *am* kinda fussy but there hasn’t been anything else to take my fancy lately. I do like AlVulo but they just aren’t pale enough and the brows just way too dark for me to invest any more than the one that I do have. I also really like Rozena and Mother Goose, My UglyDorothy but fitting my shape to these skins can be time consuming :/ I really hope to see more no brow skins around next year and full use of tattoo layers by skin makers themselves for brows especially.

  21. When I’m not wearing an anthromorphic animal avatar, I live in Teagan2 by Grixdale. I’m always open for new skins, but that’s the old reliable.

  22. Right now my favorite skin is Mynerva. I love the look and the fact that you can start with a bare skin no make up no brows and customize it with tattoo eyebrows make-up. I do enjoy Dutch Touch and PXL. One thing that turns me off a lot of skins right now is over use of blush, blush that is too bright pink for tan, not offering either eye or lip colors on tattoo layer, having to buy a separate skin for different brow colors. There are alot of skins I think are cute and would have worn two years ago before tattoo layers. I can’t do it now.

  23. More skin reviews, please.
    I don’t have a favorite skin. I like many of the skins mentioned here and have most of them in my inventory. BUT, there’s always room for more…:-)

  24. Heeey all!!…
    i was a fan of Allyson skin from Belleza till i found PF Elly and the gorgeus face that this skin made to any shape, and the lovely variety of makeups that PF bring us… that is my fav now, but also i like some curio skins.. =) NiK

  25. I think I am still fond of TULI’s Sarah… I just like how natural her skins are like fresh and I like the body which is usually a problem with most skins for me.

    I did like Illusory’s first batch, I love the soft nipples and works well if you don’t make too small lips.

    Curio is nice but makes my shape look rather too young.

    PF Elly is great too, I used to wear PF old skins as I loved her makeups.

  26. pink fuel is my favorite brand for skins, hands down. elly has been practically glued to me since it was released and i’m sooooo excited for alyx as well. pf’s skins just seem to suit my shape better than other brands, and even though i still like curio & laq’s releases.. i always go back to elly. plus the lipstick tatts are awesome!

    and i like your skin reviews, gogo.. i trust your opinion and your photography for skins is always lovely (well, not *just* skins, haha, all your photos are lovely). even if you do less full-on reviews, i still consider you one of the best bloggers for skins~

  27. boo ๐Ÿ™‚

    My mynerva skin, no matter how many other skins i pickup, i keep me to that skin, with 5 makeup layers going all the time at least ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh with freckles, always ๐Ÿ™‚

    The freckles/blush really make some other skins great to, but when i first saw the mynerva skin many moons ago, i was instantly attracted to it and had to have it. Purely emotional response, which is how i ended up with my favorite hair to ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks to makeup layers, its going to take a skin that hits me really hard to make me permanently change.

  28. I adore Dutch Touch – my ‘go to’ skins were ‘Jolie’ and ‘Fay’ – but I’ve begun wearing ‘Megan’ and ‘Luus’ more often. All DT skins had perfect brows, gorgeous lips and cute noses.
    Knowing that their will be no further releases breaks my heart and I’ll miss DT terribly when it closes.

    I do have a lot of love for PXL (the Gaia skin is beautiful) and Tuli.

    Of the brands that are no longer available or updated I love the uniqueness of my &Bean skins, and I still rock my ancient Lovey skins occasionally, in the privacy of my sim.

  29. I think you should do what you want. Just do skin reviews when you feel like it. I like reading what you have to say when you do, even though I don’t really wear any of the skins that you do, because like Janet, I like my skins darker, like dark brown.

    I like Elly on you a lot though, I feel like it suits you!
    My favorite skin is torn between my own and Heartsick Devotion (in the darkest tone, of course). They have the tones and noses that I like on skins, and also the kind of look that I want as well.

  30. It’s rather reassuring seeing you stick with one skin because it creates a sense of recognition for you. I kind of freak out a little when I see someone else wearing PF Elly because I associate that skin with Gogo. That being said, I love skin reviews and hope you do more of them, wearing different hair colors with each skin. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have thousands of skins and was really loyal to Curio for several years. Then I was pointed toward Minerva, and her Plain Jane skin is my favorite. Something about the details around the eye area is just really charming. I still love my Curio and I can’t stop buying new LAQ skins, but I fall back into the Minerva Jane skin most of the time.

  31. I wear Lara Hurley Skins almost exclusively, and my all time favorite in her line is Claire for a more sophisticated older look and her latest, Emma for a youthful look. She has taken a lot of care to provide loads of options in her skins this past year, lipsticks, cleavage, eye shadows and brows on tat layers. Impeccabble skins IMHO.

    Filthy and LAQ skins are always good back ups for me. However, I find I am always going back to Lara Hurley skins within a day or two.

  32. I absolutely adore PF Elly….I wear that or my LAQ or Curio skins….and nothing else. I’m always on the hunt for new skins, but nothing ever measures up to these three. I see lots that look nice in blogs…like Al Vuolo and League….but once I demo them, I’m not satisfied. Elly is really the only PF skin I really like, but give me almost any skin from LAQ or Curio, and I’m a happy girl…I own most of them anyway :o)
    And I don’t think you should change a thing about how you blog GoGo. You’re my fave, you have just the perfect blend of everything.
    Happy Holidays everyone!

  33. It depends on my outfit. Pink Fuel’s Elly for a more youthful look and Glam Affair for the elegant and mature look.

    There are some skins that come and go, short-lived but happy affairs… I’m madly in love with Laqroki’s Ebba at the moment, a while ago it was Grixdale’s Teagan. But GA and PF are the ones I always go back to.

  34. I have been wearing Mischa2 Tan Skin from REDGRAVE for years now. I just fell in love with the face. just the right amount of freckles and blush and the face is framed perfectly in my custom shape. It is kinds to bad actually. because even though i love the face i think the texture on the body could have been done better. Since i keep my cloths on more often than not it isn’t too bad.

  35. My go to skin is now Orchid by Body Co. i just love how the uneven skin tone adds to the look as a whole..and the hair base fade into the skin is the best in sl..so far. (my opinion!)
    Im not a fan of the offered make ups though..so i usually wear a lip tattoo from the Elly skin
    I would like to see some more skin reviews…because sometimes you just want to see what a skin looks like on someone else..and lets face it..you are one of the only ones who gives a brutally honest review.

    Love your blog!

  36. Belleza Elle for my main and Belleza Aiko for my alt.

    I love the body on the LAQ skins – the light blue vein tracings on the chest are me in RL, but the faces just don’t work for me. The face colors seem too different from the body color. Too bad, cuz I really love the body details.

  37. I absolutely love my chocolata ebony skin from body co. I can say that I believe that it’s one of the best looking darker toned skins in sl and I’m digging all the makeups tht body co has released. I’ve never really been a skin addict so when I tend to find a skin I stick with it die hard and me and chocolata are in it for the long run.

    I loveeeee your blog. Been reading it since the beginning <3

  38. My current favourites are:

    1. Curio -Jewel (rose tones) – Pure 1, Sundust (light)
    2. Laqroki – Vilda (Peach/Nougat), pure.
    3. Illusory – Paige
    4. Atomic – Grace (which she’d offer some darker shades. ๐Ÿ™ )

  39. I feel for you…last year there were plenty of skins I wanted but couldn’t afford, this year there are less appealing skins yet I have a nice amount of Linden. Ugh.

    1) Laqroki – Imani2 – [Cocoa] Glow skin (Fatpack)
    2) [Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Latte – Winter Edge (Collabor88)
    3) al vulo!- chen* blackpearl choco (Group Gift)

  40. My fav skin is Nieve (face 2 with teeth) By JeSyLiLO with my creation shape is so cool!!!

  41. Pink Fuel, Plastik., Dekade, Esuga, and *Leafy is what i’m wearing most times!

  42. I just can’t get away from PXL’s Linda line. They fit my shape so amazingly well and work as such perfect bases for so many makeups. I like his newer line Gaia too though not as much, and am desperately awaiting his WIP. But I own literally hundreds of skins from places like Belleza, Atomic, Pink Fuel, Plastik, Redgrave, Tuli, Lelutka, LAQ, and more shops than I can think of off the top of my head. No matter what though I always default to my Linda skins, usually in tan though I own 4 tones including very dark. So yep, definitely my fave.

  43. I am terribly stuck on TSG skins since 3/4 of a year (now strangely only available in fatpack for 500L$ at the marketplace)

  44. I would love to see more skin reviews from you. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that you’re so thorough with them and give both positive and negative feedback about each one. Most bloggers just rave about it and don’t point out any flaws so it’s nice to have that honesty here. I also love seeing how different skins look on your avatar! You have a cute shape and face so it’s nice to see different ones on you, especially mine haha.

    But back on topic of favorite skins:
    I tend to wear my own a lot, but I really like League, LAQ and LeLutka. I love the Elly skin you wear from Pink Fuel but the nose looks too piggy on my shape and I can never get it to look right with my modifications ๐Ÿ™ I absolutely love the body though.
    I really like LeLutkas older faces and bodies, and I really like the somewhat old Ife face, but I like some of the newer bodies more. I wish they’d do like, version 2s of the older skins ๐Ÿ˜› I didn’t like Flutter or Hadly at ALL. =[ I like Natasha though but it’s been so long since I’ve logged in, I haven’t picked it up yet. ;o Actually I think I’ll go do that now..

  45. I tend to change skins as often as I change clothes. At this moment, my fav brand is Illusory.

    Some of the skin brands I own and love are:
    Curio, LAQ, Glam, Tuli, AppleMay, Al Vulo, Pink Fuel,

    I don’t care much for Belleza (all their “new” releases look just like the previous one), Lelutka (it looks too mature on me),

  46. I’m in love with my Dutch Touch skins. I wore River for the longest time, am wearing Sterra now. It fits the Juicy Laura shape perfectly.

  47. I love love love trying out new skins! And I love skin reviews a lot so would love to see more of them on your blog Gogo! :)) Keep them coming!

    I change skins a lot but always find myself to go back to Gaia from PXL. I love that skin because it has just that unique look, beautiful body detail and simply the best of the best freckles! The new upcoming skin Kate that I was lucky enought to try before the release is also a BIG BIG favorite! I can’t wait to get my hands on the full release and try a more darker skintone.

  48. I’ve been wearing Pink Fuel Ember in Honey for ages, since I stumbled upon it for the ridiculously low price of 100L. I recently picked up Elly in Milk for a paler look, and I love that, too. I have a bunch of skins that I wear off and on, but the PF is my ‘standard’ skin.

  49. My favorite skin is Redgrave’s Moon in Tan. My avie was professionally designed to look like RL me since I use this avie mostly for business and education (I’m a librarian). Redgrave skins always look so REAL. Even on a comp with low graphic settings (like mine) I always do a sharp intake of breath whenever I switch back to my Redgrave after wearing something else for a while.

    Though I’ll confess that lately I’ve been wearing Krasota’s Fransuasa. They have a great dark red lip that’s just perfect for the holidays and the face is a little rounder which just makes my avie look more ready to snuggle into a warm scarf somehow. Every tattoo lipstick I’ve found just never fits right; always looks like the makeup is bleeding. So whenever I want a strong lip I switch my entire skin.

    What I personally always look for in a skin is stark realism and dark brows. REALLY dark brows. Not kinda dark brown but pure unadulterated BLACK. My avie and I have black hair and I want the brows to reflect that, but it’s so hard to find a skin with a lighter flesh tone but true black brows. I wish more designers would make things like eyebrows and hairbases a la carte.

    I’m always looking for a good skin, so more skin reviews would be appreciated. Though I know how weird it is to wear a skin that isn’t your own. It just feels…wrong.

    Carina Gonzalez (RL)
    Carina Gonzales (SL)

    • try body co, even the brown eyebrows from there look more or less black and they also have black ones (also with hairbase) and they have a few skintones which are lighter than those at redgrave.

  50. I’d love to see more skin reviews. I enjoy seeing all the different skins out there. I hope to eventually get out there enough where I am blogged for my skins.

    My favorites would be LAQ (which I always end up going back to) & my own skin line. I also enjoy Redgrave, Pink Fuel, and the older Curio. It seems like the skintones on the face and the body are different anymore with Curio :[ I still really enjoy the body though.

  51. currently OBSESSED with the body co. i wear orchid on this account ๐Ÿ™‚ i also like some of mojo’s stuff, LAQ, PF, and Curio.. but my main skin at the moment is body co.

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