AnyPose Expression

AnyPose Expression

When my friend Melanie showed me a cool gadget that she found on Marketplace yesterday, I said I have to share this with everyone on my blog! I’ve been playing with facial emotes for years, usually via an emotes menu that comes with a scripted gadget or a free HUD (found on Marketplace).

Back in June, I even spent $350L to purchase an eye focusing HUD to keep my eyes still or moved them into a different position for some pictures. I thought it was a great investment at the time, and even recommended it to a few friends.

AnyPose Expression

Well, the FREE AnyPose Expression HUD that Melanie showed me does ALL of this… and MORE. This HUD has all the default facial emotes that can be played one at a time, or several at once to create a unique look. The HUD is even scripted to focus eyes and change to different hands poses — so you can make any pose in SL more interesting. This is a fashion blogger’s dream HUD and I’m just amazed that it’s FREE and not $300-$500L, which I would have willingly paid for to have a single HUD that does it all.

AnyPose Expression


AnyPose Expression

Hand poses!

For today’s post, I took off all of my prim lashes and used Mozz Tattoo Lashes cos I didn’t feel like re-adjusting my lashes for all the different facial emotions. Normally I just adjust my prim lashes to fit — so I have a few in my inventory for “smiling” emotes.

I hope you guys find this HUD review useful, and do check it out, it’s amazing!

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Wilde hair (Sweeden)
Maitreya – Silk Neck-Tie Blouse (Pure)
Mon Tissu – Westbury Mini (Light Gray)

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  1. I swear, your blog is like my SL bible.
    Thanks so much for this, I’m definitely recommending this HUD to everyone I know. 🙂

  2. Another great use for this HUD is when your hands are stuck spread. Put on the HUD, click a couple of hand positions and then reset them to relax. Works every time.

  3. Great stuff! I love seeing that random freebie on your blog that’s amazing and functional.

  4. Thanks Gogo, a super find for sure!

    If the creator could just develop it so you could control another person too, that’d make it absolutely perfect.

  5. Anybody know how to make the hand poses work?
    It’s not working for me or any of my friends. 🙁

    • Most common cause of hand poses not working is a ring. Many rings have mini AOs in them that repeatedly play the relaxed hand pose so that the ring doesn’t float in mid air.

  6. OMG! Thank you so very very very much for posting this! I’m somewhat of an SL Photographer and most of the time is spent trying to get the daggone eyes right! I told my daughter about it and she went out and got it right away as well!

  7. This is no doubt a stupid question, but it bugs me that my avi’s eyes dont stay open when i smile… do you get eyes to stay open?? lol

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