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Change your SL name!

Someone left me a comment with the link to the popular Bring Back Last Name Options jira, which I think is a good idea but it only really benefits newbies (or new alt accounts). I clicked on it to see if any new progress has been made, and came across a link to an even better jira!

Are you a current resident who does not like your SL name? Please vote for the Name Change jira started by a resident name Sexing Oh. I think this jira is better cos it benefits current residents like you and me — IF we wanted to change our name, we should be able to without having to start over with a new inventory or lose our rez date!


The jira is actually several years old, since 2008! Right now there are 129 votes so the Lindens probably aren’t paying too much attention to it.


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  1. Ellie

    THANK YOU for posting this, I’m actually in a dire need of a name change, but I don’t want to rebuy everything I love on ANOTHER account all over..

    • Gogo

      yw! if you want this to happen, vote!

  2. Angela Kwak

    Linden Labs already agreed to return the last names with some extra benefids (not shure what these might be).

    For some information go to

    But please keep voting on the Jira. Don’t give them an option to change there minds again.

  3. Alina Bovarro

    Totally voting, thanks for posting this Gogo!

  4. chic aeon

    Hey there. Wanted to let you know that someone posted on the ANSWER forum a couple of days ago and pasted in a note from a Linden saying that last names will be coming (finally? hopefully? who knows?) . Here is the post:

  5. Veronyca Vanderbor

    Thanks a lot for sharing, I hope they agree on doing this cause it would be really helpful! 😉

  6. The Blogging Elf

    I am not sure what to think about it.

    On the one hand, I can see how this is awesome and benefits anyone who doesn’t like their name anymore. I personally know a lot of people who nowadays regret their choice and would love to change, but don’t want to make a new account.

    On the other hand, there already are SO many weirdos out there who use alts to harass people, to wash their name clean to get rid of a deserved (bad) reputation etc. If I was into SL relationships, I’d personally not be delighted to find out that the John Doe I met a couple of months ago is in fact that one creepy ex bf I tried to get away from year ago. I somehow don’t think those should be supported all too much.

  7. Charolotte Caxton

    Voted! Love my name but I am sure there are others who may wish to change theirs. Fwiw, I made a JIRA to take followers off your profile and I would appreciate any votes.

  8. Dojiba Sabra

    Oh Angela, thank you for posting that. That is excellent news!

  9. Emerald Wynn

    “. . . started by a resident name Sexing Oh.” OMG I laughed out loud. Poor Sexing! I would want to change my name too.

    I’ll go vote just for Sexing, as well as all the people from the Resident family.

    *still laughing – wooooo, I’m loopy from no sleep during the holidays*

  10. Shiori Carter

    I used to know a Wetty Oh when i was a newbie, the Oh name is an old one.

    Personally i am against the ability to change your name unless there is a full history of it in your profile with no ability to hide it.

    Last names definitely , the loss of those just proved the lab had no idea about in world culture, in my opinion.

    • Charolotte Caxton

      I don’t see why, it would be just like creating an alt, except you get to keep all your stuff. With an alt you would have to completely start over, as far as inventory goes. We get to change our names in RL, why not SL 🙂

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