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“Hey Gogo! Whey are you blogging maracas?”

I bet you’re wondering what Maracas are doing in this post, along with a Sombrero. I’ve been wanting to blog this release from BeetleBones for over three weeks now — but I never found the right outfit to wear a Sombrero with! Today, I just don’t care. I’m pairing it with this adorable December sweater from artilleri and also letting my pet Reindeer Chihuahua from Pink Fuel make an appearance.


There’s only 15 days left before this year ends, so I am trying to get my inventory into perfect order before 2012! I have a couple of (random) things left to blog, and then I’m d-o-n-e and organized, and putting everything released in 2011 behind me.

Shake your maracas!!!

What I’m Wearing:

Vive9 – Wang (Stone)
artilleri – December Sweater (Red)
Mon Tissu – Lou Lou Denim (Original)
Pink Fuel – Reindeer Chihuahua
Ju – Charlie Boots
Beetlebones – Themeory (Mesh) Sombrero and Maracas with typing AO

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  1. maleja0213 andretti

    where I can buy the reindeer?

    • Gogo

      Pink Fuel

  2. maleja0213 andretti

    not sold 🙁

  3. sarah_d

    Where is the reindeer dog at in the pink fuel store!! I would love to buy it!! It is so cute!!! 😀

    • Gogo

      hmmmmmm! it’s old, may not be available anymore 🙁

  4. Willowysm

    Hi GoGo, sorry to bother you. I’m having trouble finding the place called Ju, mostly because search doesn’t like 2 letter names. Help me out please?

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