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Milana is back!


Milana – Bonnie | Bonnie II | April

Milana is the hair store that doesn’t release very often (once or twice a year only) but I love it when there is a new release! I’m loving these new flowy long hairstyles, they’re so cute in these hair colors above. I tend to wear too much Platinum hair colors, so I’ve  been trying darker Blonde shades and even Light or Dark Brown. My friends seem to like Blonde Gogo more, but I must say…. Brown might be a permanent 2012 thing 🙂

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  1. Starved MAGIC

    i went to milana….and tried the demo of the april hair….it is good for photos but the hair always gets lost in my body….not good for just walking around…but excellent for photos…

    ty gogo…love ur blog….

  2. Alexxandra Sorbet

    I really like that brown shade on you. It looks very good!

  3. kelly

    So wish these hairs were mesh!

    • Gogo

      If this hair was mesh it would be stuck to your body and “MOVE” with you, but you’d lose these gorgeous flexi prims that also moves… I kind of like mesh hair only if it’s fine.

      • kelly

        That’s very true. The flexi’s are so pretty. I wonder if she could make them like extensions instead so they don’t go through the body so much.

  4. Maretch Waffle

    You look very nice in that brown color!

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