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Post Christmas

Exile Hair

Exile – Carolyn | Veronique | Jeanne

Christmas came and went, but if Santa didn’t spoil you with everything you wanted this year, it’s time for a lil’ self indulgence! What better way to spoil yourself, than with these new Exile hairstyles? There are two new hairstyles for girls (shown above), three for men, and new textures released for a few old favorites.


Mmmesh! Maitreya released a bunch of new mesh clothing pieces and shoes recently, but I have to say my favorite is this Athena sweater. The fit is pretty good and the draped back is so sexy! I passed on the long mesh skirt, jacket (too bulky) and the leather pants (didn’t like the pocket, too low), but I liked the Athena Sweater and the Silk Neck-Tie Blouse! The shoes were also not very “me” but I totally see someone with a different style rocking those. What items from Maitreya did you buy?

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure/nolash (Ltbrow)
cheLLe – Cat Eyeliner (Black)
cheLLe – Sparkling Eyeshadows (Pink)
Exile – Carolyn (Vanilla)
Maitreya – Athena Sweatr (Cerise)
Mon Tissu – Lou Lou Denim (Light)
Mon Tissu – Montsegur Pumps (Camel)
Art Dummy! – the edge of winter (furniture set)

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  1. kelly

    I bought that sweater (same color!) and I love it. Mesh is my new best friend.

    Do you think Exile will start making mesh hair soon? I love their styles and the new textures look amazing, but I never buy Exile hair because of how stiff it is. Looks great in pictures, but not so great in world. 🙁

  2. The Blogging Elf

    I agree! There new textures are nice and I -love- a lot of their styles, but often their hair looks really, really stiff (especially the backs since they don’t worh with extensions) and either it is mine or their headshape that is odd. 🙁

  3. Dojiba Sabra

    I love that sweater too and will definitely get that.

    What is it with most of the pants in SL? Pockets are too low and/or the highlights are in the wrong place, making my butt look flat when viewed straight on from behind. The only pants I’m wearing these days is Emily from paper.doll, 007 from Larry and Classic Jeans from Zaara.

    • Blaise Glendevon

      I know people think they’re mostly for furries, but Apricot Paws jeans are hand drawn and have leg attachments for people-legs too. And the bottoms are realistically squeezable. Zii Minotaur makes them, and they’re on the marketplace. I live in mine.

  4. Julie Cardiff

    I’m totally crazy for the Nolita dress in black! But i also bought the sweater you’re wearing but then in black. Tough first i went to take a look at the leather pants.. but my a** looks to big in it so i skipped that one.

  5. Mairead Fitzgerald

    Love the style of the sweater and I bought it in cream. I almost bought the fatpack, glad I didn’t. I did the demo, but of course, should have tried it at home first. Poser clothing. Good for photos hoots, not actual use. Can’t really move in it and I thought that was what mesh was about, clothing flowing with you, no more unsightly seams sort of thing. Instead skin or alpha gaps popping through if you move It’s all fine and well to dazzle us with style, but useful style would be appreciated. Love the sweater but since I am not a mannequin it was like throwing $L300 down the toilet.

    I didn’t buy their leather pants, hate the back pockets down on the rear upper thighs, what’s up with that? So, instead I bought a pair of Jane jeans, pockets on the butt are higher. ALAS to my chagrin, the texture actual smears if you bend, sit, dance, etc., again, poser mannequin clothing. SO that was $L$150 down the toilet.

    Bought Maitreya’s Nolita Dress (Champagne), just love love the style, here to another poser item. If you move the legs pop through the hemline showing alpha above the knees. Perhaps a glitch layer proved for the knee area in addition to the alpha would have solved this problem. If memory serves, L$420 down the toilet.

    My day of mesh purchases did not set me aglow. I’m back to system layers and sculpties thank you very much. Yes, tere are poser clothing aplenty in those avenues also, but I’ve been around them long enough to become adroit in spotting them and not throwing money away. My leap of faith in mesh left me feeling a bit angry and totally disappointed.

  6. Jenny

    I bought a bit of everything, not fatpacks thou. and i love it.Maitreya and Lelutka are my 2 main resources for mesh clothing.I used to buy things from Jane, but then i realized its a template work. Not very original.Keep up the good work Onyx! Gogo, you look fantastic!

  7. Morrena Sodwind

    I bought the leather pants from Maitreya and they look amazingly realistic! Well… for me Maitreya is equivalent with high quality in everything she does!
    I bought also the Radical boots, the Nolita dress, the sweater etc etc etc.
    In short words, I would buy anything from Maitrya with ….. closed eyes. ( Onyx does everything perfectly, in my opinion)

  8. Vianne


    There’s a very similar jumper to this in The Sims 3 and its one of my absolute favourites!

    So excited MESH is taking over SL!

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