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Hellooooooo! I’ve been cleaning my inventory a lot (~54K now) and I’ve found a couple of old favorite items that I forgot I had! I’m pretty sure I’ve only worn these Capira Jeans from LeLutka once, so I thought I would wear ’em again today with some Rose Lace Leggings from G-Field underneath. This is kind of a weird fashion choice, but I think it’s cute, so I’m going with it 😀

While mesh is taking over the grid, there are still sculpted prim cardigans that I think are too sexy to part with. I love the cleavage on this Early Morning Cardigan from Fishy Strawberry.

Have you revisited things in your inventory lately? I know I have tons of hidden treasures in here that I’ve never worn, or worn once!

What I’m Wearing:

Raw House – Lauren (LtBlonde 01)
Fishy Strawberry – Early Morning Cardigan (Eucalyptus)
LeLutka – Caprica Jeans (Base)
G-Field Rose Lace Leggings (Mid) White
Zaara – Kashiti Bobble Ring (Pearl) Gold
N-Core – Coquette Pumps

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  1. Jolene

    is that shirt available? Is it at the mainstore?

    • Gogo

      Should be! It’s not limited or anything, and not too old either… um, last year?

      • Ashlee

        I was wondering the same thing 🙂

  2. Ohna

    It is fun to do this! Even though I’m only 8 months old, I still have things that I haven’t worn even though I bought them months ago. It’s amazing how easy and fast it is to buy and/or acquire new things, and just forget about the things that you haven’t worn.

    I like the challenge of getting myself to wear them as well too on my blog to make an outfit with them sometimes.

  3. Laila Laperriere

    One of my fav sweaters! They still have it, I saw it a few weeks ago. Cute idea with the leggings under the jeans. A great outfit, loves it!

  4. Deckland McCullough

    Good on you for getting down to 54k! The little peek of lace at the top of the jeans totally makes this whole outfit for me.

  5. Raven Serrurier

    Cute outfit and I love this hair!

  6. Marianne Little

    I can’t find time to try on stuff. I was trashing 8K a few days ago. I didn’t try anything…. 🙁

    I even trashed all my house and garden stuff. I am not enough in SL to purchase land, and if that changes, I hope it will be new and exiting items to get. I had way too much that was only sitting in my inventory.

    Why can’t some viewer devs find a way we can access our inventory without logging in to SL? It is many times when I can’t or shouldn’t log into SL, like when the others at work is out smoking and I just sit and read boring news. I am sure that I could delete hundreds of notecards/LM/unpacking scripts in just a coffee break.

    • Brez

      I agree Marianne this would be such a helpful feature.

  7. Hills

    Not a weird fashion choice at all. I love the idea and I wonder why nobody has thought of that before. It s lovely!

  8. Lourdes

    Ok I need to get to work on cleaning the inventory, if you are about where I am right now. I’m at 53K.

  9. Brittanie Levee

    Just be careful deleting Gogo I got my inventory down from 80k to 30k and all my truth hair is gone and I know that I didn’t delete them . Loving the blog and your style keep up the good work !!!

  10. Brez

    I have been TRYING to get my inventory down for weeks, and it is a nightmare. I go through it determined to delete a thousand items with the rule “if i haven’t worn it for a year it is gone” – but then I come across this or that and I just can’t delete because I LOVE THEM – I’ve only worn it once of course but cannot press delete…….. sometimes i just want to start again with a fresh inventory I hate hording but deleting beautiful things just feels so wrong.

  11. Anahata

    i just put 3/4 of my hair in a box.

  12. Dana Yotov

    oh i love those pants! <3

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