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How cute is this new hair from Shag? The Stella Was A Diver hairstyle includes an attached Winter ear muff that’s texture-changing. I really want a messy updo similar to this so it can be worn with big collared coats, too! *hint*


I put together a festive Winter outfit using the FeminineFurTippet Coat from AOHARU (old release) and pairing it with Fudge Brown tights from RezIpsa Loc. The new mesh Charlie Boots from Ju goes perfectly with this look! To complete this look, I accessorized with The Apasionado bag (in Paprika) from LaGyo. This bag reminds me of a Furby, cos you can sort of make out a ‘face’ in the design!

What I’m Wearing:

Shag – Stella Was A Diver (Beach)
undefined lillies – fanciers best necklace (silver/04)
AOHARU – FeminineFurTippet Coat (Red)
RezIpsa Loc – Fudge Brown tights
Ju – Charlie Boots (mesh)
LaGyo – The Apasionado bag (Paprika)

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  1. Ziki Questi

    I love that hair. /me runs off to Shag.

    And what is going on at Aoharu? Love that place, but I was there a couple days ago and September sale signs were still up. Doesn’t bode well.

    • Mina Bergiere

      I don’t know what happens there, but about one month ago my friend went to Anexx to get a pair of loafers and she bought but she received a plywood empty box. then she checked the owner and it was a Machang but not the Machang Pichot of Aoharu, it was a new account made 2weeks ago. A thief. So she imed, sent notecard to Machang (the real one) and to a girl who is supposed to be manager of Aoharu, till this day, no answer. I don’t really get it how a shop owner would let her sales be stolen and her customers deceived by a thief like that. I don’t know what happened to Aoharu but it’s worrying me.

      • Mina Bergiere

        Oh and btw I love the look, I just sent my alt to get the coat. Thank you Gogo for showing it It’s a very beautiful one ^^

      • Ziki Questi

        I went to check that out — there are hidden prim boxes OVER some of the loafer boxes, and the hidden boxes (which contain a box of the same name) belong to machang Resident, not machang Pichot. Put all that together with your friend’s experience, and it sounds like someone is scamming customers at Aoharu. Ouch.

        • Mina Bergiere

          Yes but what I don’t get is that we can’t rezz at Anexx. So, how ? And how no one notices ? Where is Machang Pichot tadaaaaaaaaaaam the mystery of the month (year?)

  2. Alexxandra Sorbet

    A Furby? πŸ˜€ Man I miss those cute little things.. That used to wake me in the middle of the night.. Err..

  3. Sherry

    Although I think Aoharu always looks lovely on Gogo nothing I bought from there, with the exception of that tweed jacket (old design), fit really well. They don’t know their prims if you compare them to the designs of other (cheaper) designers.
    What I do like about aoharu is simply that their designs inspire real world looks! I wish that coat was nearby I’d nab it!

  4. Vanity

    Omg… Red is my favorite colour… I love this jacket and this bag!!!! <3
    Your style is so cool, compliments

  5. Lourdes

    The LaGyo back is great. I like this one better than the last one. The wings on the bag have grown on me.
    I have the Charlie boots, and every mesh boot maker out there could learn a thing or 10 about the sizes she offers.

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