Animazoo Quadro Dance HUD


Dance, dance, dance! The new Quadro Dance HUDs from Animazoo is packed with original dance animations and so many features to make dancing in Second Life fun and easy!

I have been playing around with both of the HUDs — the Quadro Ladies Dancefloor Edition, and the Quadro Stage Performer Edition. Each HUD is packed with 35 of Animazoo’s bestselling dance animations in various dance styles perfect for hanging out at the club or performing on stage!


For the videos below, I recorded more than 40 minutes of footage cos the HUD is packed with so many dances, but I edited them into two short videos. The video probably shows only 10% of the dances that are available in these HUDs, so definitely visit Animazoo and try it out for yourself!

The HUDs are also available for purchase on Marketplace: Quadro Ladies Dancefloor Edition and Quadro Stage Performer Edition

The Lite version of the Dance HUD (has basic features only) is also available at the store for free, and you can put your own dance animations into it.

Do you love to dance? What’s your favorite shop for dance animations? Leave me a comment cos I’m looking for new ones to create new dance sequences for my HUD!

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  1. Adorable, I LOVE THIS! Do you have some physics in there to or did they really make the shimmy shimmier? LOL

    As far as new dances, My Animation has quite a few new ones out in many styles. I am a Zumba dancer in RL which is pretty much latin based. I love the latin themes My Animation has (especially the Cha Cha’s) Check them out! =)

    In the meantime, I am going to hit up Animazoo, thank you for posting this and the fantastic job on the videos and tunes!! YAY!

    • Hi Laila! I wore my physics for a tiny lil’ bit of bounce 🙂 Good eye! Didn’t think anyone would notice!

  2. Love the dances ! but I do have to ask, where are those hairstyles from? they are fab ♥

  3. MyAnimations have some really good dances, but they have a major issue – sometimes they disappear completely from the inventory after paying for them, the money isnt returned, and the manufacturers wont refund for it. Put me off that store majorly!

    • Suddenly very glad I didn’t buy any of their animation packs as I thought about doing a couple weeks ago.

  4. Oh yes for “Super Bass” background music lol. Ahem, I’m a total Nicki fanatic so this was very fun for me to listen to :). But, I quite like the anims. Very nicely done and fluid to me. Can’t say I have heard of this particular hud, so just you saying it’s packed full of dances let’s me know I’ll be checking them out.

    Haha, how cool is it to see your shadow too!

  5. A&M Mocap Animation Workshop has some good dances, especially their belly dances. I’ve purchased quite a few. You can find them on marketplace or in world. they also have several other styles of dances etc available. I know you have a windlight tutorial but I couldn’t help but admire your nice shadows in your videos. May I ask what windlight setting you use to get such nice shadows and still not look like you’ve been overcooked in the sun too long? Great post!

      • Regarding your windlight – they can be very personal I know. But if you ever care to do a tutorial on getting crisp shadows while still having bright sunny colors without “glare” I know tons would love it. xD

  6. I am on my way to check this out in world now, but love the little videos! So adorable.

  7. Hi Gogo!

    There is an inworld group dedicated to dancing: Dance Queens

    Fun group – loves to share lots of information… New animation shops, dance sequences, reviews of dance related things – so many different pointers there. Cheerleading animations came up yesterday. They have demos of dance sequences and tutoring sessions on specific items to help dance. Just seeing the list of dance animation shops is very handy – makes finding lots of interesting styles easy – from any dance style, to mermaid dances to cheerleading… Lots of very helpful people in the group who are very glad to try to help.

    If you want to learn about dance in SL – the Dance Queens group and website really help a lot.

    They also have a website:


  8. hi gogo! can i know your whole outfit?? your shoes are amazingg, top and those capris are hot toooO! 🙂 thanks.. oh alsoooo you think you can share the windlight too eheheh am i askng too much thx! <3

  9. Gogo,
    May I ask what program you use to record video in SL? I am trying to learn how to do that and asking around to find the best program overall.

    Thanks in advance!

  10. This is absolutely adorable and you look great in these vids, but I have to ask, where did you get those shoes?

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