Mayfly (Deep Sky Eyes)

Mayfly (Deep Sky Eyes)

Mesh eyes have arrived! To my knowledge, these new Mayfly mesh eyes are the first that I’ve seen on the grid, and it is wearable with your regular avatar, just like texture or regular prim eyes. I tried on the mesh eyes, and used the built-in scripted menu to re-size the mesh prim to fit my avatar’s eye and also re-sized the iris smaller.

Mayfly (Deep Sky Eyes)

I rezzed the mesh eye prim to show you what it looks like. As you can see, the mesh sculpt is shaped similar to your avatar’s eyeball, so the fit will be perfect (and not different from your regular texture eye). It’s really easy to wear, and does move naturally with your eye.

Mayfly (Deep Sky Eyes)

These are some of my favorite colors from the Mayfly (Deep Sky Eyes) series. Grab a free wearable pair of demo eyes at the main store if you want to try these eyes!

Mayfly (Deep Sky Eyes)

I noticed right away that the mesh eyes have more texture clarity than the regular texture eyes. Of course I still love some of my favorite texture eyes, but this is new and pretty cool! Also, you can wear two different eye colors, too.

Mayfly (Deep Sky Eyes)

When you’re at the store, be sure to buy the smaller prim that’s labelled “Buy Mesh Prim Version of Above Eye Color” for the mesh version — the top one is just the regular texture eyes!

Mayfly (Deep Sky Eyes)

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  1. I think they look better on you than on me… made me look scary… too big eyeballs but was worth the try.

    • Hi Alecks, I made the prims large out of the box so they don’t get lost in your head when you first try them on. If you click the eye, you’ll get the menu and can make them fit perfectly. Just size them down until they disappear into your regular avatar eye, then go up one or two sizes, and you’re all set. ^_^

  2. Hmm could you share your graphic settings and windlight perhaps? I grabbed the demo eyes, and on my screen, they dont look that detailed. And I have a new computer AND high graphics on. O_O

  3. Ah! Thanks! I didn’t even read the instructions as usual… -.- I’ll try it right away.

  4. Hi gogo!! can you share where you get the ear muffs and those cutee geeky glasses! ty :)) hugs <3~~ oh yaa and possible the windlight settings 🙁 it doesntshow up as clear as yoursssss take care!

  5. Get looking eyes. Very realistic. Thanks for all the information on making them fit correctly. I wish I knew where you got your lashes. Look like alpha lashes. I have the no alpha lashes. I never can get the alpha lashes to fit well. Gogo makes lashes look great. Wish she would fit mine. lol

  6. Gah!
    They’re wonderfully detailed, but both those quasi-browns are far too multi-tonal and light for my av’s eyes. Shame, this.

    Ah well!

    It seems superfluous to say, but you always do a lovely look Gogo, even when not focussing on other points in your outfit!

  7. Ohh and SW i think they are from the seasons Gotcha by Anya Ohmai. Heres the Thingie Mbobbie if it helps lmao… The Seasons Gatcha, My Pants (227, 42, 1000)

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