Last week, I purchased these gorgeous fantasy eyes from Naomi Afterthought after seeing her sale info on Flickr. Four sets of eyes are included for just $100L – each set has a different style and 8 colors total.

While the iris size is large on me, I think these will work well for men (or people with larger eyes) and also a fantasy look, so the size does not need to be realistic.

If you want them, contact Naomi and send your payment in-world! These are not for sale on Marketplace or in-world anywhere (yet).

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  1. Wow, these are GORGEOUS. So surreal! I almost want to make up some kind of fairy or alien RP character just to have an excuse to buy these.

  2. Wow, those are fantastic, thanks for showing them! (ps, eyelashes?) 🙂

  3. Oh cool! That’s Lollirot from IMVU. I remember her stuff from when I use to play on there and she always had amazing clothes and skins as well. So happy if she finally decides to move to SL.

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