My favorites; Donna Flora

Donna Flora

While sorting my inventory today, I realized that I have lots and lots of Donna Flora jewelry! I love this brand so much, and even though Donna Flora has clothes, hair, and shoes, my favorite items are the beautiful jewelry sets.

I’ve decided to sort through my huge pile and make a collage of 10 of my favorite Donna Flora necklaces. It was hard to pick just 10, cos there’s soooo many more that are equally beautiful.

Donna Flora

I like Donna Flora cos every necklace is unique, and so realistic! Also, Valentine’s Day is next month, and I highly recommend Donna Flora if you’re looking for gifts for someone special. Everything is transferable 🙂

What about you? Where do you get your jewelry from? Make a collage of 10 jewelry pieces that you love from any single brand, or a mix of brands in SL! Blog about your favorite brand or make a collage, and submit it to the Blog Challenge group on Flickr. Be sure to share a link in the comments so I can check it out!

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  1. I know a Rl jeweller who saw pictures of Donna Flora’s jewellery and was impressed.
    Not only is her stuff creative and elegant, it looks plausible in reality which is a huge attraction to me as a buyer.

    And, I love Donna Flora because you got me onto Squinternet’s store, Gogo!

  2. I have to agree Donna Flora has such pretty elegant stuff. The jewelry is fantastic!

  3. Love Donna Flora. Humm… I don ‘t have this Seahorse. I have to go shop today. Ty !♥

  4. when i first joined SL i would only wear alienbear jewlery, her prim work still blows my mind
    i wear donna flora all the time now, i like the style and every single little detail is just perfect

  5. Super realistic, ridiculously gorgeous, and most importantly… SHINY! I just want to roll around in a pile of the stuff.

  6. Gogo greetings from Spain, I have a special folder in my inventory called jewelry and jewelry that I have in use for special occasions, and who is more jewelry FLORA DONNA after V_V DESIGN EMPORIUM, and of course, BANDIT my favorite:)

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