I’m wearing the sexy new mesh Relax Boots from SLink today, and I wanted to pair it with something cute, so I chose the Sari-Kimono dress from Nylon Outfitters. I think the print and color on this dress is so pretty, but there are some major flaws with this dress that would make me not recommend it to a friend. The dress has bad seams running along the sides, and looks pretty unfinished and also, it’s a system skirt 🙁 System skirts do not fit well along the waist (there’s a gap) and also when shadows is enabled, the shadow does not render correctly — for example, even though I am wearing a “short” system skirt, the shadow will show a long system skirt. I wish someone would make this dress or something like it in mesh!!

SLink Relax Boots (Mesh)

These new SLink Relax Boots are adorable and includes a HUD to resize, stretch Width and stretch Length. I stretched it along the length and width by just a few points to get a perfect fit. If you’re into mesh boots, check these out at SLink.

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Jolie hair (Sweeden)
Nylon Outfitters – Sari-Kimono Dress (Blue)
SLink – Relax Boots (Tan)
Donna Flora – Magnolia Necklace & Earrings

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  1. System skirts is something I really hate. That would make me not by an outfit even if it’s really pretty.

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