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Day 4


A couple of days ago, I saw this blog post and thought to myself, that is one gorgeous male avatar. I liked his Nico skin from Birth a lot, and also the AJ hairstyle from Exile is really awesome.. and I shamefully, dusted off one of my male avs and copied his look! 😀 I’m not terribly original with my male av, but I wanted to challenge myself and make a complete male av this time, with ao, too!

So thank you, Mister Klaber, for the inspiration.


When I’ve dressed up my male av in the past (for vendor ads), I’ve always looked at Bronson Twine’s blog for the latest in menswear. I found this yummy Redgrave shirt from one of his posts,  and headed to RG for more goodies. I bought the Polo Shirt, Pants and Sneakers at RG and finished off the look with a new Ultimate Cigarette from Hermony. I’ve decided that my av is a smoker, but he’s trying to quit. It looks cool on him, though! I have a really old cigarette from FKNY, and now Gogo wants a new ciggy too.

My Plurk and Flickr friends have all said that this looks like boy Lady Gaga or a woman in drag! Hmmmmm…. I want to make him manlier, I just don’t know how. I think Oz (that’s his name) is ok with being smaller than most men on the grid.

Overall, I’m happy with this look and my next one might be tackling beachwear! Cos he does hang out at Juicy, after all.

I really don’t want to out my alt’s name, but I’ve  had people pose as bloggers for JuicyBomb before, sooo… all you need to know is his name is Oz, and hes 3+ years old. He’ll never approach any designers cos he does not blog here and will never ask for review copies.

Note: On the first picture, I noticed the collar wasn’t positioned right after I had already cropped the images! 🙁 Sorry for the obvious fashion fail! Oz is not a very good fashionista.

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  1. Julia Kamachi

    He looks like Gogo, Could be her twin. A metrosexual manly man ?

  2. chillilly

    The lips might be a bit too prominent, too pouty for a male and the face comes across as very smooth. Maybe try to play with that to get a more “manly” look.

    The body looks yummy… I mean, take off your clothes… no… it looks good. Yeah, good. Ahem.

    • Tristan

      What is “too prominent/pouty/smooth” though? Gogo’s male avi looks a bit like my cousin, so I wouldn’t say it’s “too” anything. Especially if going for the metrosexual look.

      • chillilly

        Well, I have no idea what your cousin looks like nor why that is important at all for a SL shape … all I see is the second pic right next to the preview pic of the “Sofia” shape and the mouths on either one look certainly similiar in size and fullness.
        Hence, since the blog mentioned to “make him manlier”, playing with different lip settings might indeed be an idea to get a different effect, no matter if you approve of the term “too” or not.

  3. Electra Baxton

    I keep postponing showing my “brother”, Electryon, on Flickr.
    When I created him I gave him my shape, cilcked the Male button in
    Appearance and *voila* instant sibling!

  4. shylittleheart

    Oh I remember seeing this on your flickr. This makes me feel the need to do a much needed makeover on my male alt.

  5. Anahata

    nice to see a male avatar that doesn’t look like he’s pumped up on steroids! i wish more RL men would take the hint and not try to go for the 8 foot tall roid rage overtanned leather vampire thing haha. (hate me if you must for my opinions guys)

    • MissKitty Fairlady

      I am in soooo much agreement! The big bulky “manly” guys really just make me laugh.

    • Takuma Kawashima

      I don’t know where you hang out in SL but those ‘8 foot tall roid rage overtanned leather vampire things’ you talk about must be relicts of either hard rock clubs or BDSM dungeons – just a guess cause I hang out at neither place. But when I look at the fashion feeds or on flickr I see a whole army of slender and rather androgynous male avatars. Your generalization is as true as saying all females in SL are big-breasted bling Glamazons.

      • Anahata

        i dont hang out at clubs or bdsm (not that there is anything wrong with those places), i am actually a horse/meeroo breeder and seller. not sure where you hang out, but if there are people there with half a fashion sense please tell me where it is.

  6. Kinky

    Wow… Oz is hot. Is he single?

    Haha, but props on making an awesome male avi! Definately loving the good guy / bad boy cross he seems to have going on here. I like to think i would make a totally gorgeous Male avi… probably would fail horribly though. I’ll stick to having boobs and not moobs for now.

  7. Tristan

    Nice look, but that seam on the shirt sides is pretttttty mismatched. Am I just blind to that on your female avi or is that shirt particularly off on the seam?

  8. Ziki Questi

    I like him. 🙂 It’s hard to see his proportions in these photos, but … if they haven’t changed since the one from the expensive boat trip haha 😉 … I’d say that his torso could use some heft … at least in that photo ( his biceps combined look as wide as his chest, so maybe beef up the torso width and widen the shoulders a little?

    I don’t smoke either, but I found my new fav cigarette recently at Shel’tter’s by bounce Diesel. It totally rocks, and has a cool animation and illumination—every three minutes the cig burns out, gets tossed, a new one gets lit, complete with the fire. 🙂

  9. Becca Ashbourne

    Last time I tried to make a male avi was a few years ago and I just couldn’t get it right. He’s been variously described by others as “camp as a row of pink tents” and “male Becca”. I just don’t have a clue how to make a convincing male avi. LOL.
    So I can totally sympathise with you, Gogo. :o)

    You can see him here (very old pic from 2008, BTW)

  10. The Blogging Elf

    Personally I don’t like most avis real life guys make at all. They seem to have a hard time finding the middle between an effeminate gay guy/guys so angrogynous you cannot tell if they are truly a guy or a gal and a guy (usually with a too small head and those awful Tellaq skins) who looks as if he was steroids for a couple of years. Both really are a turn off. The proportions on this one are far more to my liking, though he does look young. 🙂 A bit more chest maybe and a bit less lips.

  11. Mister Klaber

    Nice post and thanks for the compliments about my avatar! I was wondering where all the random traffic came from. Male stuff in SL are getting better and there are more stores available from when I first started. I just hope I can help a few guys out there.

  12. Lorena

    Where is the skin from?

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