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Fishy Strawberry finally releases some rigged mesh items, and they fit spectacularly! I’m wearing the Impromptu Cardigan (mesh) and I just love the plunging cleavage. This cardigan comes with an attached Brown or Black belt option.

I’m pairing the cardigan with new Moto Pants, also from Fishy Strawberry. The leather texture is amazing on these pants, and it comes with sculpted prim cuffs.

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Petra w/ Roots (Champagne)
Fishy Strawberry – Impromptu Cardigan (Mint) Brown Belt
Fishy Strawberry – Moto Pants (Hunter)
Mon Tissu – Sloane Pumps (Chocolat)
LaGyo – Garska Earrings (Gold)
LISP – Pose and Play Piano

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  1. Vianne

    I hadn’t been much impressed with the look of the Cardigan, in their update notice, and then, having checked all my update notices, my next SL step of the day tends to be ‘check Gogo’s blog’ which I did, and wow.
    I said it about a year ago, but you really should advertise for fashion brands (not that I expect you’ve the time for it!) The cardigan looks Much nicer on your av, in your pics than otherwise seen!
    Yay! Bubbia lindens!

  2. chillilly

    The jacket sure does look cute, perhaps it might even fit. Somehow. Almost. In a way.
    I got a total of 2 mesh clothing items so far that really fit, without the need to redo my shape from scratch. And yes, I am aware that it’s mostly down to 5 sliders that make a difference for those mesh standard sizes – sadly, it’s those 5 sliders which played a major part for my avatar shape.

    Now I’ll wait and see how Quarl’s Mesh Deformer project will work out before really rejoicing about Mesh.

  3. Valkiria Balfour

    Hello dear … loved your blog. You got it looks perfect. but would like to make a suggestion. would be interesting you put the location of each piece of clothing you wear on your looks.
    He had some posts that I could not find the location of stores.
    if it is possible to make this request, my friends and I’d be very grateful.
    Even more.

  4. Lyric Demina

    I’m especially impressed with the colour palette of this post, my dear; we’ve seen so much red and green lately in these parts, just coming off Christmas, and yet you completely freshen the palette with a vibrance that makes for a beautiful transition from winter into spring. That is truly a “fresh” look — red verging on pink, green verging on blazing.

  5. Tahreer

    Gogo you make me miss SL so much πŸ™
    Wish I had some free time to log on and buy some of the things you show off πŸ˜›

    Keep up and I want more and more posts! It says daily dammit!

  6. Lexy Calcutt

    I love this look! However, I find the breast to hip ratio to be a little off in this sweater. It would be great if the designer noted whether or not they followed standard sizes in their ads. πŸ™‚

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