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Never too early


It’s never too early for some Red and Pink! I’m wearing the new Incanto Lingerie in Red from Fishy Strawberry! I loooove my FS lingerie, they’re my go-to for sexy lingerie sets.


I really hate PS’ing my pics and hardly ever do it, but today I fixed my leg a bit cos the pose made an awkward break/dent in the upper thigh. I’m not a PS expert (not even good) so this was a quick sloppy fix with a lil liquidfy. For some reason, I wanted to fix just that area, but I’m OK with the sharp edge on the torso.

Do you guys care if my pics are not touched up? I know I could PS avatar joints to smooth them out, but I think if I’m showing a pose…. I should show it honestly. Btw, the left pose is from Glitterati Family, included with the Bear and the right pose is from POSEUR, Lil Minx 9.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Malibu (BabyDoll)
Fishy Strawberry – Lingerie Incanto (Red)
G-Field – Strap Shoes “Alex” Suede
CentoPallini – Ivory Cross (Necklace) Rosa

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  1. Danielle Mannequin

    Gogo I absolutely love the fact that you DONT Photoshop your pictures, that way when I go to buy something in world I wont be disappointed if the texture is darker, rougher and so on. It shows the honest product and that’s why I read your blog

  2. Angellina Freschi

    Thanks for the post šŸ™‚
    I think you shouldnt touch them up, especially when showing a pose(s) since it would be really annoying to go and buy that pose because it looks awesome on a pic, and then realizing that it actually doesnt look that good in terms of the shape of the avi (dents in shape etc.)
    So no, dont touch them up šŸ˜€

    • sylvan

      I agree, Angellina.

  3. Paola Tauber

    You may want to try this:

    doesn’t solve everything, especially in the thighs area, but it improves some poses, particularly in the torso area.

    • Natali

      Oh! I just saw this mentioned somewhere else and just finished trying it out. I couldn’t see much difference round the legs but the torso, definately!

  4. Raven Serrurier

    That pose with the bear is adorable. And your photos are awesome without photoshop. It’s nice to see sl photos not photoshopped to death…or morphed, “shudders”..

  5. Sasy Scarborough

    I love liquify, it is one of my favourite PS tools. I don’t think there is anything wrong with fixing that kind of thing, it is not the pose makers fault for it being there, as much as it is the avatar itself.
    Also that is what those demo pose stands are for, people shouldn’t be buying poses without trying them first, as they may put your hands in your body, or bend your elbow etc. Making the sides of your lingerie look like a string bikini instead of panties, would be an issue as a blogger of fashion, but as long as you leave the reality of the garments intact you are ok :).

    • Adonila Weiss

      I agree with this, fixing poses isn’t cheating. Using photoshop to fix seams or clothing textures when reviewing a product is dishonest but smoothing avatar mesh just makes it look better with no dishonesty. If you don’t want to do it, well your photos will still look great. But fixing things like that just makes them look better.

      • Lyric Demina

        I agree 100% with Adonila and Sasy.

  6. Julia Kamachi

    I Like the fact that you don’t photoshop . And most of your pictures don;t need photoshoping anyway, you’re a good Photographer.

  7. Becca Ashbourne

    I extensively modify mine but usually because I’m using crappy poses plus my avi is very petite and prone to being clipped by other people in couples poses or with props. Besides, I enjoy it.

    Some of my most extreme healing of SL’s deficiencies I post to my Flickr’s “Before & After” set

    But the photography I do is very different because I’m not doing a fashion blog. For fashion people like to see exactly what it is they might be buying if they choose to go shopping for the clothes.
    Plus I’m not as talented as GoGo.

  8. Karina Saunders

    Very cool u dont PS, Im still learning liquidfy myself!!! U must have an amazing graphics card, all my pics are choppy cant figure out how to fix that unless I PS them a little more. But very happy u keep it real keep up the fantastic work!!

  9. Briony Muircastle

    I have absolutely no issue with Photoshopping photos to make them look better. Not to make the item you are blogging look better, but, as above, you wanted your leg to look better. I don’t always do this (sometimes for time’s sake), but I have more respect for bloggers who don’t just slap any old thing up there, but take some time to make it look nicer. No great Photoshop skills are required to do this, but it represents going the extra mile, so to speak. Having said that, I don’t consider my blog photos any great shakes, but I do make small adjustments such as the one noted in this post.

    I do a lot of photography in RL, and I constantly hear the whine from some people that Photoshopping is somehow “cheating.” It’s not. Get over it. Photography is an art form and Photoshop allows one to express what was seen by the eyes rather than what the camera happened to capture. If you shoot in .JPG format, the camera enhances the photo for you, but people don’t seem to consider that when getting on their high horse.

    OK, rant over. Gogo, your photos are great šŸ™‚

  10. Alecks

    I think it depends on the product you are showing and what is it you want to present.

    I love liquify and can’t really do without it what can be unfair is presenting a product to buy that has been touched.

    In this care lingerie and a few adds does not seem unappropriate to me.

  11. Anna

    Personally (I’m a newbie here, not in SL, and not to other blogs) I like the fact there’s minimal touching up, but it doesn’t bother me as long as you’re upfront about it having been done, which it seems to me you are (I particularly like that you’ve shown the before and after). We’ve all had pics where we’d be really happy with it bar one niggle, and certainly for me that’s when I reach for PS.

    By using it sparingly and being up front about it you’re helping us shoppers too – there’s nothing worse than reading some of the other blogs out there unaware that the pic has been photshopped beyond recognition, going and buying something and then discovering it’s a mess of seams, horrifyingly deformed prims and the like.

    Ditto to Julias comment too – you’re a good photographer šŸ™‚

  12. Violet Batriani

    I’ve started to go a bit more au natural lately. Just out of lazyness and time rushes.

    I don’t really think it matters, to me. I like seeing finished photos. But honestly. You have a nice graphics card so your pictures are more or less coming out smooth and high definition.

    Which is what really matters. To show the product in a positive light.

  13. Becca Ashbourne

    I don’t believe content providers should misrepresent their wares with retouched photos.

    However, as Briony Muircastle says, photography is an art form and if you are using your SL photos to express art (rather than misrepresent your product) then that is a completely different kettle of badgers and entirely fine.

    I don’t think you can really compare the two. If that makes any sense.

  14. Skye

    Yep, I am one of the lovers of your blog because you DO NOT PS things. But, if it’s like a joint or something I’d have to say that I do not mind that at all. A little fix here and there with your limbs to make it not look off is very fine I think.

  15. Lourdes

    I don’t think people would mind the use of liquify to smooth out the sharp edges. IMO your pictures are good either way.

  16. Lillian Edwyn

    I may be a bit of a ditz, but I’ve looked all over Fishy Strawberry, marketplace and the in world store, and not found this new lingerie set. šŸ™

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