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Tonight is the night

Exile Hair

Exile – Misha | Meg

Four amazing new hairstyles from Exile released this weekend. I’m showing just the two for the girls, you’ll have to visit the Exile blog to see the boy’s hair. Also be sure to check out The Dressing Room Blue for two more inexpensive new Exile hairstyles.

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  1. Chalice Carling

    Really pretty hair. I’m so happy that SL produced roots at long last.

  2. Zarranda

    Great hair! What is the skin you are wearing?

    • Paris

      Gogo’s wearing the Alyx skin from pink fuel, I think.
      It hasn’t been released yet though. 🙁

      • Aurore

        I sooooo can’t wait for it to come out!! Any news on when, Gogol?

  3. Vianne

    Oh no.
    Exile is turning into Truth with the ‘disney princess’, hair-so-big-its-impossibly-big’, ‘toddlers in gigantic wigs and tiaras’ size hairs.

    Bouffant to the MAX.

    SIGH! I like realistically thick, realistically long hair, why don’t hair designers!?

  4. Dina

    Went running to try it but while pretty in pictures the Misha hair suckssssssss – stiff! Looks ridiculous when you move.

    • Delilas

      Thats actually what I think of most of Exile’s hair – great in pictures, terrible for any avatar that doesn’t stand perfectly still all day.

  5. Aurore

    I tried the Mishap in Autumn and it didn’t look as good as the blonde. I thought that it looked slightly fake. I will definitely check it out in a blonde shade now though!

  6. Chantel Ashdene

    Wow, stunning, the beauty mark adds something that just completes the look, you look beautiful here.

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