Fishy Strawberry

Are you guys sick of Lingerie yet? To show off this lovely new Barcelona bag from Fishy Strawberry, I am also wearing the Fishy Strawberry Incanto Lingerie set (available at Juicy Crush On You event). I have the bra and panties worn, but the panties are hidden by the bag so it looks like I’m not wearing any! I didn’t even notice this until I have already cropped the image, ooops!

Fishy Strawberry

The Barcelona bag is available in Pink, Natural and Black, includes two attachments (elbow, hand) and is also scripted to resize.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Girls of Summer (Pecan) mesh!
Fishy Strawberry – Incanto Lingerie Set (White)
Fishy Strawberry – Barcelona bag (Natural)
Donna Flora – Romance Ring (L)
RezIpsa Loc – Chocolate Ganache Nails

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  1. when i saw pics of this bag i thought it was a real life purchase! i want it rl however its stunning

  2. Never seen a reason to have a handbag in second life. Except for fashion shots.which I do not do.

    • yeah they always end up sticking into me. unless they are slouchy handbags on the shoulders. those aren’t bad, with the pose of the hand on them.

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