Wasabi Pills

Wasabi Pills

The new Wasabi Pills Sybille and Sybille 2 hair is pretty fairylicious!

This hairstyle is rigged mesh, so it moves with your avatar but it’s not really modifiable, although you can tint the hair if you want to. I like Wasabi Pills hair for more fantasy looks, cos there is not a selection of ultra light Blonde hair colors to choose from. I’m more than willing to change my hair color if the style is nice though! I’m wearing Chocolate and Aquatic in the image above. Both are lovely, one is more natural and one is more fantasy.

What I’m Wearing:

Evie’s Closet – Damselfly (Blush)
Wasabi Pills – Sybille|Sybille 2

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  1. Hmmm. Wasabi Pills hair looks kinda chunky to me, the ‘strands’ are just so thick and not very detailed. They have a couple of really nice styles, but I still think Elikatira and truth currently have done a better job regarding mesh.

  2. I love them but I am wondering how you are getting pics with shadows. When I have shadows on all the alphas on mesh hair disappear so it looks odd and in some cases half the hair is gone.

    • uncheck both alpha masks (deferred and non-deferred)
      also, if your alpha doesnt show up upon attaching, detach, and re-attach

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