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AVENUE Mix + Mesh Spring Fashion Fair


AVENUE Mix + Mesh Spring Fashion Fair
(Now through March 11th)

MIX + MESH Spring Fashion Fair 2012

MIX + MESH Spring Fashion Fair 2012


I’m wearing the Gila Dress (in Multi print) from Hucci. This dress is short and adorable. I was able to fit into it with minimal adjustments to my boobs. I’m accessorizing this with the Mariri Necklace (in Gold & Pink) from Kunglers and the Anywhere Henge Cuffs (in Copper) from BeetleBones. I’m also wearing the newest Felecia (mesh) hair from Truth; it includes a flexi attachment for added movement.


Truth hair is usually flawless, but I’ve noticed that some of the new mesh hairstyles does not really work well with poses that have head rotations or tilts. You’ll see from the picture above, I tried to use one of my favorite poses that has my avatar’s head turned to the side, and the hair went into my face! Eeeek! I honestly don’t know what’s causing this, cos some other mesh hairstyles that I’ve tried, the hair seems to be ‘stuck’ in place and works well, even with extreme head tilts.

Let me know if you guys have noticed this issue with any of the mesh hairs or it’s just me?

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Felecia (Mesh) Swedish
Hucci – Gila Dress (Multi)
BeetleBones – Anywhere Henge Cuffs (Copper)
Kunglers Extra – Mariri Necklace (Gold & Pink)
SOREAL – Halo Sunglasses Extended (SSG010)
LeLutka – Fame Pumps (Golden)

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  1. MokeyDonkey

    This is issue happens when the hair is not well rigged on the step/proceed ”weight painting”

  2. Nat

    Honestly, I haven’t bought Truth’s Mesh hair because of this reason! I’ve noticed it cuts through the shoulder and face just as prim hair does and I’ll most likely be avoiding it until it’s rigger properly.

  3. Aisling MacMoragh

    Gogo, the Truth hair that you have had issues with… is it rigged mesh? If not that would explain why it isn’t sticking to certain body parts with odd angles or turns. Mesh hair that isn’t rigged is almost just like a different form of sculpti as far as how it moves with your body. I haven’t tried Truth’s mesh hair yet, but at a quick glace that would be my guess. If there are multiple options (one rigged, one not), why don’t you see if you have the same problem with the rigged ones?

  4. Anahata

    i have the truth ‘barbara’ hair and have issues with where the hair parts on the side, i wear the alpha layer they give to hide my skull, i flattened my forehead down, but my head still peaks out of the hair when i move in a certain way (with my ao).

  5. cherry

    i have had this issues with all the truth mesh hair, i am happy that i did demo first because i usually dont do that at that place.

    i have sent notecards about it, i am sure others have too.. dont understand why there is still an issue and why still putting out hair that does the same “mistake” i hope he fixes it soon and maby put out fixes for people who already bought

  6. starved magic

    Pphotoshop the head pic

    • Gogo

      You’ve missed the point of that picture. The hair does not need PS’ing in poses with the head facing forward with little/no head movements.

  7. Hito

    I was so freaking excited Truth finally released mesh I ran out to snatch them all up. But after trying the demos and seeing this happen I was so bummed- even with my AO the hair sinks into my face/head- I had to pass them… 🙁

  8. Charolotte Caxton

    Love that dress on you, gorgeous.

  9. Gemi

    I have mesh hair from several stores now, and Truth is the only one that doesn’t behave like the others I have. It cuts into the body, specially the one with the long braid, it sinks into my boob when my AO turns my head 🙁

  10. Blaise Glendevon

    Truth’s mesh isn’t rigged – so it doesn’t interact with the avatar mesh. On the upside, you can edit it. On the downside, you have to edit it.

  11. Kake Dastardly

    I have not tried that particular hair yet but every other one from Truth that I’ve tried has gone IN my boobs, which, admittedly, are not small but at the same time, are not huge (exactly at 70 on the slider, which for those of us with larger boobs, is on the smaller side). If he’s going to make mesh hair that could possibly go into a person’s boobs, imho he should make a boob version as well as a normal one, a la Wasabi Pills. However, that’s just my opinion and experience and maybe this isn’t a problem for other people? I don’t know. However, I haven’t been thrilled with any of his mesh hairs, which makes me really sad and disappointed, not just for myself but for him as well. I really hope he works out the kinks he’s having with mesh soon. As is, I’ll buy my mesh elsewhere and when I want the occasional flexi hair (or when he releases one that’s irresistable), I’ll be more than happy to give my hard-earned Lindens to the amazing Mr. Hawks.

  12. Vyxsin

    It happens with a lot of their new styles. I hope when Truth learns how to fix this simple problem they release the hairstyles again, fixed. Some of those were really nice but had problems with most AOs.

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