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Truth hair

Truth – Barbara | Maggie

Truth ingeniously made mesh hair with a flexi attachment to create the illusion of flexible mesh hair on the Barbara hairstyle. I love that! For the Maggie style it is regular sculpts with a mesh attachment that can  be worn with the hair or not worn.

I guess I’m in the mood for something cheery so I wore Fairyfloss and Coolmint hair colors. I wish more people would unnatural colors, it’s super cute!

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  1. cherry

    i dont know why but i can not wear these hairs, when my avi moves the forhead just jumps out and scares me, well it does not not jump but it sort of bends out and it depends on wich animations i am using. It is really od and i have not had that problem with other mesh hairs yet. is there maby any fixes for that i am not aware of ?

    • Inuoko Shikami

      I have this problem as well with Barbara, I’m not sure why. Other mesh hairs are just fine for me.

  2. Coral

    Gogo, I was surprised you have face studs! :O

    • Gogo

      I have many random things in my inventory aka the black hole 🙂

  3. Starved MAGIC

    am i stupid or what???? how does one use this mesh attachement? when i add it it attaches to my hand….and i cannot see it at all… if you can how do i make this attrachement work?

    thank you

    • Vianne

      Two problems I’m thinking
      a. your using the wrong viewer (does the mesh item look like a round sphere? Like an un-rezzed sculpt? If so you need to update your viewer)
      b. If your viewer is correct, try emptying cache, reloading SL, waiting until everything else is loaded up, delete the *unpacked* mesh item, go to the box/bag that it came in, re-unpack it and attach it using the ‘wear’ or ‘add’ not ‘attach to’ selection (I don’t even know if ‘attach to is offered?) Give the mesh time to rez, its a more complex version of a sculpty, it might take a while to load up.

  4. Allaine

    Some days ago, when you did the wasabi pills post, I gone to check the demos, and started wondering if someone would make mesh hair with flexi attachments, and now I see your post!! Lol, serendipity!! Got to love it. ^_^

    • Inuoko Shikami

      Truth’s flexi attachments are beautiful! But (to my knowledge) the first well-known hair company to use flexi was Alice Project. They had it well before Truth. Though I prefer Truth hair. o/.

  5. Sheila Yoshikawa

    I’ve got Maggie – I found I had to wear the mesh bit first, and then add the other part. When I did it the other way round, (wear the ordinary bit and then add the mesh) the mesh part didn’t act like mesh, but stuck into me when I moved just like a normal prim attachment. Though perhaps that was just a random glitch….

  6. Crystal

    Not a fan of unnatural hair colors at all.

  7. Charolotte Caxton

    Love the hair colors, not a fan of the face junk. You have such a beautifully pretty look, I bet you could get away with just a nose or an eyebrow piercing, but the rest makes me go, “aww, and she’s so pretty..”

    Anyways, where’s the top from? So cute!

    • Gogo

      Detour brand (they’re on the Detour sim)

      • Charolotte Caxton


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