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DeKade; Bridget

DeKade; Bridget

Dekade is back, baby! OMGOMGOMGOMG! I’m really excited to be doing a skin review post cos I haven’t done one in awhile, and also I really like this new Bridget skin from Dekade. Bridget is one of two new women’s skin, and there’s also a skin for the guys, too!

DeKade; Bridget

I’m wearing the Light skin tone with Light Brows and a few of the lipstick tattoos. This skin also has Dark and Red brows, hair base, eye makeups and lipsticks on the tattoo layer.

DeKade; Bridget

My lingerie today is the Desiderio set from Fishy Strawberry, which will be available at Juicy Crush On You event this Friday!

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Jolie (Sweeden)
Dekade – Bridget (Light) LB/Bald/base
Fishy Strawberry – Desiderio (White)
Jasha – Oceania Necklace (Hot)

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  1. yesternoon

    I don’t know what it is about Pink Fuel’s Elly, but it’s like it puts all other skins to shame.
    While I think this skin is very pretty, I don’t like how the face has this photoshopped type look.
    But seriously, it’s probably just me, I love very natural I-dont-wear-foundation skins.

    • Anahata

      well i finally (and i fought it believe me) went and checked out the pink fuel elly skin. oh damn you are right, it’s awesome i love it! bought it.

  2. Kira Zobel

    Somehow all skins look good on you, no matter what you do! :S This one is horrible on me.

    • Gogo

      aww thank you! give it a chance, I modded my lips and nose for the skin a bit 🙂

  3. Alecks

    So this is were the Cheerno skins went to? O_O If so I’m happy cause those skins were lovley and certanly need a decent shape tweaking to make the skin look at its best.

    Nice ones there 🙂

    • Gogo

      To me, KA has always been better on her own (under KA Designs, and Dekade) label. When she closed Dekade and brought her skins to CheerNo, I was sooo sad. So glad to see her back under her own brand/sim.

  4. Alecks

    So she worked with them? I still love my Dhalia skin so I’m glad as long as she keeps making them.

  5. Zoya Grigorovich

    The skin looks fabulous on you, I really like the one with the natural lip. Each day I tune in to your blog, Gogo, and drool over the way the mesh hair sits so perfectly in the photos. Shiloh and I were talking about it the other day, and I think it’s time for us to break down and give it a try! What are your suggestions for great mesh hair?

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