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Exile, Whippet&Buck


Exile – Midnight in Paris (with color-changing hairband) | Rumour Has It

These two newly released hairstyles from Exile are rigged mesh, and sooooo pretty! They may be my favorite mesh hair so far this year, cos everything just falls into place, and no alpha prims are in the way obstructing my lashes! I love thisssssss….. and they’ll also be perfect for skin photography cos it shows off the face very well.


I think I haven’t worn anything from Whippet & Buck since mid-2010 cos the designer (Dakota Buck) said that my look was generic and dated, and that I am not a fashion blogger  but a shopping blogger. I guess it offended me a  bit, so I deleted every W&B item from my inventory and overlooked all the new releases for about a year and a half now? I will say that I don’t mind if my blog/look is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I see a lot of bloggers/shoppers wearing W&B items that I would consider far more dated than me or even more generic. If some designers only want certain people to shop at their brand or blog their items, they should make that clear… so generic people don’t make the mistake of showing their brand any love.

Since I’m on the official press team for Collabor88, I’ve decided to give W&B another whirl. Hope you guys like the lingerie, it’s quite lovely and is available at this month’s Collabor88 event.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Rumour has it (Vanilla)
LaGyo – Fleur de lis passion ring
LaGyo – Fleur de lies passion collier silver necklace
LaGyo – Peonies headband (Aqua)
Whippet&Buck – Tess Knickers (Nude/Concord)

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  1. Jolene

    No disrespect at all but I consider you mostly a shopping blogger with the odd fashionista runway model thrown in every now and then. But it’s definitely not a bad thing! Designers need bloggers, whether fashion or shopping. Still love your blog XD

    • Gogo

      I consider myself a blogger, above all else. I may focus on fashion the most, and generally consider my blog an SL fashion blog, I honestly don’t see the need to further break that down and say oh… well I’m a shopping blogger. What the hell is that? I’ve never even seen that term used in RL or SL — aside from that one incident with Dakota Buck. It’s not a term that most SL fashion bloggers would use. There’s not Style Bloggers, LoTD bloggers, Photography Bloggers… most of us just want to be known simply as, Second Life bloggers.

      • GoSpeed Racer

        Aren’t the people who buy her stuff “shoppers”?

        • Gogo

          I’m sure everyone can shop there, but not everyone who blogs the stuff can call themselves fashion bloggers unless we pass the not generic test 😀

          • Jolene

            Salome Strangelove said it better than i did. You address the concerns/crap textures of designers. That’s better than some pretty photo of stuff you’d never wear except for that one photo.

  2. GoSpeed Racer

    That’s too rich Go-Go. If you’re too generic then am I too ethnic/exotic/black for her products? Who knows. You don’t need common sense to run a business in SL. Besides, why bother with the opinion of someone who is normally referred to as Dakota “Freaking” Buck? Freaking of course meaning “f*cking”…. Classy….

  3. Anahata

    That’s odd. I don’t find W&B really a ‘high fashion’ brand. The store is filled with everyday essentials type of clothing. I like the quality, but it’s pretty much generic itself (I won’t say outdated because everything is quite safe and you cant really call a plain skirt outdated). You dress quite realistically to life and should be their perfect type of customer.

  4. Salome Strangelove

    My old blog Linden Lifestyles, which was arguably the first of the SL fashion blogs was billed as SL Fashion and Shopping. In my opinion it is more important to be a shopping blog because that means you are addressing the concerns of consumers who want to know if something is difficult to fit or doesn’t work on an avatar as it looks in promotion materials. Fashion blogs are just “look at me, I took a pretty picture” blogs. Sure, they’re nice and they have a purpose, but there’s no value in it for SL consumers.

    I prefer a consumer shopping blog over a vanity fashion blog any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    That said, while I don’t hang with Dakota personally, I’ve known of her in SL for years and her wit can be a little dry. It’s entirely possible she was being snarky in a fun away when she made the statement and didn’t intend it as an insult. You have to remember most of us oldbies in SL are introverts and our humor is often a little on the sarcastic side.

  5. Allaine

    I kinda agree with Anahata. I can’t speak too much cause I don’t really own any of their items, but can say it has me, let’s say upset, that wearing more common clothes is not taken as fashion. It might be not, I am not an expert now, but I always enjoyed better a good mix and match, with original ideas and matching tones, than the sometimes (mostly) crazy real fashion as for top models and such, that I find even weird and tacky. It is just an opinion, and never wanting to put tag for what people does and makes. I just love your blog and use it to check some of the items you show us every now and then.

  6. dawnde lane

    maybe slap a pony rider shape on and you too can be a fashionista!
    i have a few pieces of w&b and they are not high fashion at all, as others have said i find them safe and dated.

    i have NO idea what a shopping blogger is and the other alternatives there maybe!…. maybe i should go search urban dictionairy for a description.

    love the hair, undies look like they been in the wash a few times and have become “laundry day” 😛

  7. ebediyet Matthews

    It seems to me a bit that the top is somewhat blurry? I’m not sure if that’s a depth of view effect, or if it’s the lingerie itself. I agree with what you said though, and it all seems unsophisticated from a sophisticated line of clothing. I’m glad you’re giving the brand another chance because impulse reactions can be mistakes, and I’m sure that the creator has recognized that while you don’t appeal to them (or did not) you have a variety of people interested in your blog.

    • Marianne Little

      I don’t like how the straps and bows look either. Unclear and blurry. I think I’ll stick to Insolence and Fishy Strawberry for lingerie and pass on this.

  8. gyorgyna larnia

    In my opinion I consider myself a good creator in SL (said this, I think I can express an opinion about SL fashion) and a good, no, great shopping addict.
    From the creator point of view, I think it is good to know and have a precise idea of who we want to show our creations, but mostly how we want them to be shown. Your blog is very clear, one of the things I really appreciate is that you rarely edit the images, and show the items in the way customers will really have them (same thing I do in my vendors).
    A person can like or not your personal style, in the same way in which it can not appreciate other bloggers. But the fact remains that an item worn by you means to have an excellent opportunity to showcase and open up to new kinds of customers, and it’s what I always found everytime you did it with my items.

  9. Carlianne

    I think she’s right though? You don’t mix and mash from different designers each post; what you do is take a ready made outfit and add hair, jewellery, makeup and shoes and then say “you can buy this outfit here.” I think that by fashionista blogger she means one that takes from lots of different stores and makes a look of the day. Maybe you could try that – make up your looks from no less than 8 designers per post for a week and see if this is something you can do. Then you could say you are a fashionista blogger. This isn’t an attack, just my thoughts on what you wrote.

    • Gogo

      I can blog naked and show just one item, and still consider myself a fashion blogger or just an SL blogger — no mixing-and-matching necessary. I think people should worry less about defining bloggers, and just accept that we’re all bloggers [good or bad].

  10. CheekyGeek

    Wow, I LOVE your blogs. You have steered me in the right direction SOoooo many times and I get excited looking forward to your blogs so take it from a newbie, you ROCK it girl. Thank you for the blogs, fashionista or ‘shopper’. Love it. Love you. Thank you!

  11. Harlow Heslop

    I’ll stay out of all the politics involved, she said this/that mumbo jumbo… but I will say that Whippet & Buck is one of my all time favorite stores in Second Life. I’m not big on high over the top fashion very often, and all of her items really suit my tastes, and I like almost every release she puts out. I think her items have a very innocent girl next door feel to them, and that is completely my style and instant go to type of item. That being said, i’m glad to see you giving her items a go again because I think it looks great on you. I will have to go pick this up. 🙂

  12. vianne bellic

    I only recently discovered W&B and I find it a very much ‘hit and miss’ store. Some of the items sent me into raptures of delight -for example the Claven Lace Blouse’s, but other items seemed very dated and had minimal texturing on them.

    Regardless, even if your look is dated (which I don’t agree with) you’ve a huge following of people who look to your blog for new fashion ideas, I’m sorry to sound like a sycophant tooting your horn, but insulting Gogo is like ‘ways to get your item less advertising 1.01’

  13. Isabelle Requiem

    That’s kinda funny.. but I have never thought your look to be dated at all. Shopping blogger, yes, but that’s not a bad thing. I actually call my own blog a “fashion and shopping blog” so whatever lol.

    These hairstyles are my favorite too. I just picked them up myself :]

  14. MissKitty Fairlady

    Well my feelings on it is that I am a SL consumer, and there are designers you’ve introduced me to that I would have not found on my own because my friends and I have very different tastes. So through you these designers are getting my money, and it looks like to me they would be happy to know you displayed their fashions and it sent someone in who might not have went by in the first place. I trust your look and when you have concerns about a product, I trust that too.

  15. Sedge Weyland

    I’m pleased that my blog is both so infrequently updated as to be completely under the radar of most designers, and that the only comment I’ve had on my photos that’s any sort of critique is that they’re quirky.

    I’m definitely a fashion blogger though – sometimes I don’t even wear clothes the way designers meant them to be worn, like wearing a dress under jeans instead of as a dress, etc, and some of the things I wear you can’t even buy anymore. I never comment on how things line up/the textures, because I wouldn’t buy these things if I didn’t like a specific thing about them. I wear lashes with butterflies flying out of them for Pete’s sake.

    Fashion blogs have their place, if you’re looking for styling advice, but to me a shopper blog is far more valuable. If the vagoo on a skin lines up weird or the sides don’t match up, that’s a concern if you plan to wear certain types of clothing (or none at all!). If hair obscures your face because it’s badly constructed, or conflicts with other things people commonly wear, that’s pretty important information, and designers are NOT going to tell you those things.

  16. Krysta Ember

    I mentioned this post in my last blog. I am so confused….don’t we SHOP for what is FASHIONABLE for us? I really don’t understand what the difference is? I mean….do we need to wear odd circle hats and huge hoop skirts we’d never ever wear any other time but to blog…on order to be considered Fashion Bloggers? I just don’t get the break down I guess. I prefer looking at blogs I can relate to actually…and if that means Juicy in Lingere for 12 days or some unknown talking about the great new store she found with steller designs…then woot. What’s the titles for?!

  17. Brooke

    Hi Gogo!

    For as long as I’ve been reading fashion blogs (I’d say well over a year now), I’ve loved your blog (Your FASHION blog. Not shopping blog. *smh*). I appreciate your constant honesty when reviewing products, your many tutorials and your gorgeous (and holy untouched batman!) photos. I feel like you really have a connection and relationship with your readers; your posts always read sort of like we’re friends just having a conversation. (Is that creepy? It might be a little creepy.) Anyway, I’ve wanted to start a blog of my own for awhile and I finally did it. I’ve been taking pictures for many months now and just throwing them into my flickr, so it’s nice to have more of a ~purpose for them now. It’s still a fledgling little blog and so far I’ve only worked up real courage to really post credits (I’m sure I’ll get to adding my opinions and random thoughts from my head eventually!), but it’s a lot of fun and I can see why you’ve done it for so long. ANYHOW, this isn’t a solicitation or anything, but I was wondering if you had any tips for new bloggers? I did find an old “So You Want To Blog” tutorial post back from, err, I think it was 2009(? lol), so I was just wondering if you had any new advice as SL and the fashion blogging community has changed a lot, I’m sure. Also, if you had any suggestions of which Flickrs were best to follow? I guess one thing I’m finding difficult is how to find out about new releases ASAP, not after they’ve already been blogged to death x.x

    Thank Gogo and keep doing what you’re doing!

    • Gogo

      Aw! Your comment is really sweet, thank you!

      Follow your favorite designers on Flickr, that’s my favorite place to find new releases (even before they’re announced in-world or on blogs).

  18. Delilas

    Fashion is what /you/ make it, and no one, including a designer, has the right to say otherwise. Obviously, your fashion and blogging is incredibly popular in the SL blogosphere. Most of us in SL do not want to wear high-end, crazy “couture” outfits any more than we would in real life. Given that W&B doesn’t even make couture items, I’m not sure where they got off calling you dated.

    I think its good of you to put it behind you, and the set is very pretty, but again illustrates W&B is plain and generic themselves – which is perfectly fine, if you aren’t hypocritical about it.

    Hi5, Gogo.

  19. Delirium

    W&B? Really, I don’t know this store ‘-‘ Btw, this lingerie looks so blurred, it’s a pitty, I still prefer Fishy Strawberry.

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