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Valentine’s Day

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  1. Vianne

    I’m so relieved the majority find Valentines day nothing!

    I just don’t *get* it!

  2. The Blogging Elf

    Is this you??? :O

    • Gogo

      No, report their link

      • Vianne

        I tried to join in the reporting game, but as I’m not your facebook friend (and don’t use facebook in SL) I couldn’t 🙁

        • Gogo

          I don’t have a FB account for my avatar, just a page for my blog. Soooo w/e, if they’re stealing av images, its nothing new

  3. Becca Ashbourne

    It’s just an excuse to be extra-soppy and romantic. I have no problem with it.

    You may as well say “why celebrate a birthday” or “why bother with an anniversary” or “why bother with Christmas”. It’s just an excuse to make an effort, you know?

  4. Angela Kwak

    14-02-12= 0
    Translation = Valentine’s day

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