Donna Flora

I’m feeling super Spring-y today, so I put on my floral Giordana necklace from Donna Flora, and a Minty green colored Clark top from ColdLogic. Truth also released this adorable new India hairstyle, with a hair flower (with color-changing petals) attached.

Donna Flora

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – India (Treacle)
ColdLogic – Clark Top (Mint)
Mon TIssu – Denim Lou Lou (Light)
Ingenue – Gatsby Heels (Citrine)
Donna Flora – GIORDANA necklace

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  2. Brunette Gogo ! Love it when she makes her appearances ! I love how the Donna Flora Jewlery can be either dressed up or down. It works with this simple springy look you created.

    • Combo of a 2 eyeshadow layers, one of them is unreleased cheLLe that I will package up soon 🙂

  3. I think I need that shirt too…I’m thinking of getting implants so I can make it work.

    • Oh, you won’t be able to have very big boobs in this top! I’m wearing size (S)mall and my boobs had to be reduced to 30’s to fit.

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