Bare Rose

Bare Rose

A conversation with someone reminded me that I haven’t visited Bare Rose in awhile, and of course I went, and couldn’t resist snapping up this Darleen outfit. The outfit included tops in 3 colors, and long & short Black pants (not worn). I love the sheer fabric & added sculpted sleeves & collar, but I’m not too crazy about the flexi shirt attachment, cos the flexi prims went into my thighs in many of the poses I tried. Still, the top is amazing, and so cheap!

I don’t wear Ploom hair very often, but I looove this big poofy Torti hairstyle! The Pink streaks (optional) are adorable!

What I’m Wearing:

Ploom – Torti (Streaked)
Bare Rose – Darleen Outfit
Ingenue – Organique Flats (Droplet)

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