G-Field at Fashion for Life


Fashion for Life is happening now through March 20th. I checked out a list of the shops on all 10 sims, and went to two cos they had brands I wanted to check out. I’m feeling too lazy these days to run around all 10 sims, so I’ll leave that to others.

I picked up the Lucy Lace top & Wrap Mini Skirt outfit (in exclusive Mint color for FFL) cos I love these two G-Field items so much! I already have the tops in all the other colors & the skirt in Pink, so Mint was a nice addition. I also paired this outfit with the new Long Cuff Boots (Mesh); it’s sooo gorgeous. Here’s a direct SLurl to G-Field at FFL.


These boots are Rigged mesh, includes 3 calf sizes, and a Cuffs Color Change HUD.

What I’m Wearing:

Elikatira – Vivid (Blonde 05)
G-Field – Lucy Lace Tops (Mint)
G-Field – Wrap Mini Skirt (Mint)
G-Field – (Mesh) Long Cuff Boots (Peach)

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  1. At first, when I saw the picture on Flickr I thought it was a photo…these boots are great!! can’t wat to try them…love the outfit, makes me think of spring even if here it’s still cold 😀

  2. This skirt seems to me to be almost an exact replica of the handkerchief skirt from The Secret Store (released last year). I like it, I just feel like it’s been done before. The boots are fantastic!

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