Kavar showed me these Europa wings (by Kazuhiro Aridian), so I made him take a picture with me! This store is new-to-me and the selection is small but every product looks amazing. I really want to get some of the fantasy avatars, too. I’m pretty much in love with the White Archon wings that I have on and Kavar has on the Nyxus wings in Crow.


I think we look better in Black & White (more dramatic) but the colored version of this picture is here too.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Rumour Has It (Vanilla)
Severed Garden – Nixie (Rose)
Europa – Archon Wings (White)
cheLLe – Mix and Match (Inner Blue) Eyeshadow
cheLLe – Mix and Match (Outer Violet) Eyeshadow
Maitreya Gold – Bare Foot Flat

On Kavar:

Exile – AJ (Marone)
Bare Rose – Odysseus
Europa – Nyxus wings (CROW) M
Redgrave – David (Pale) 03 unshaved+base
Fashism – Sunrise Eyes (Deep Steel Blue)
La Malvada Mujer – Yes Sir #1 (tattoo)
cheLLe – (injuries) J’Black Scars Jumped tattoo

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